Who is Anne Ratte-Polle?

Ulrich Tukur plays a double role in “Tatort”, dashing around in a vintage car and meeting special women. What you should know about it.

The entertaining “Tatort: ​​Monsieur Murot’s Vacation” (November 22, 8:15 pm, the first) with actor Ulrich Tukur (63, “And who takes the dog?”) In the title role also has a lot of interesting information behind the scenes to offer.

Who is Anne Ratte-Polle?

Anne Ratte-Polle is the leading actress in this Sunday thriller. She embodies Monika Boenfeld, the wife of the dead Murot doppelganger. The artist, born in Lower Saxony in 1974, trained as an actor at the Rostock University of Music and Theater. Since then she has been a celebrated and award-winning theater star. She has also appeared in many crime novels on television. In the German Netflix mystery series “Dark” she played Ines Kahnwald, Mikkel’s nurse and adoptive mother.

Anne Ratte-Polle also drew a lot of attention with her role as pilot Marion Bach in the cinema drama “The spoken word applies”. She was nominated for the German Film Prize, and had already received the Bavarian Film Prize 2020. During her acceptance speech, to the delight of the audience, she made an unforgettable and cinematic appearance when she sank to the floor with the microphone that disappeared in the stage floor to be able to continue speaking.

Who is playing the doppelganger scenes with Tukur?

Ulrich Tukur has some doppelganger scenes. Actor Jochen Horst (59) stood with him in front of the camera as a double and play partner. He became known as Alexander “Sascha” Graf von Guldenburg in the TV hit “Das Erbe der Guldenburgs”. From 1995 to 1998 he played 48 episodes of detective chief inspector “Balko” in the crime series of the same name, which was awarded an Adolf Grimme Prize. Since November 20th, Jochen Horst can also be seen in the web mockumentary “How to Tatort” (exclusively in the ARD media library) with the future Bremen “Tatort” team.

Who is playing the older lady?

As a used car dealer Walter Boenfeld, Ulrich Tukur has a few scenes with an older lady who is interested in old cars. The small but fine guest role is played by Ruth Rupp. According to the broadcaster, Tukur and Rupp have a long history together. At the age of 77, the 1.43-meter-tall artist stood by his side in the “Threepenny Opera” for the first time on stage. Today, at the age of 94, she still performs: as the oldest singer in the choir “Heaven can wait”.

Is Ulrich Tukur a classic car fan like Murot?

As a classic car fan and Ro-80 driver, Commissioner Felix Murot is allowed to play a raving used car dealer in this thriller between old Saabs and Alfas. Does Ulrich Tukur share this passion? “I don’t own a car myself; I hate everything that moves and makes noise: lawn mowers, construction machinery, airplanes, motorcycles, cars, leaf blowers and vacuum cleaners,” he told the broadcaster. But: “Only the Ro 80 is an exception; it is not a car, it is an elegant engineering idea,” explains the actor about the sedan, which was manufactured by NSU Motorenwerke AG from 1967 to 1977 (from 1969: Audi NSU Auto Union AG) was produced.

What music can you hear?

As is often the case in Murot thrillers, music, especially piano music, plays a special role in film. According to the broadcaster, the following titles were used this time. József Reményi: Franz Schubert, 3 piano pieces D-946, No. 1 in E flat minor. Jacob Höhler: Frederic Chopin, ‘Raindrops’. Raymond Arvay: ‘Jeffy The Good Man’. Raymond Arvay: ‘Les Roses de Broceliande’. Bertram Denzel: ‘Tati’. “At a party you can also hear” Greek Wine “by Udo Jürgens (1934-2014).


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