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Many Romanians are upset about the new restrictions that come into force today, November 9, 2020. Prime Minister Ludovic Orban has some arguments.

As in many parts of Europe, November came with a slew of measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infections. Among other things, the list includes restricting traffic at night, closing hall markets and conducting online courses, regardless of the incidence rate in the region.

In an intervention on B1 TV, the prime minister explained why these measures exist and how he sees that they would help reduce the number of cases registered in Romania. It started with the situation in schools, one of the most contested measures, given that countries such as Germany or France have introduced equally strict measures in recent days, but have kept schools open.

“At school they don’t get infected, but they get infected in other places. When they are not under the supervision of parents, grandparents or teachers. And, thank God, there are plenty of times when young people are free, meet… Adolescents, not just in our country, in many European countries – these are tests done – teenagers are… how to say… are ‘spread’ of the virus because they do not develop severe forms, the vast majority are asymptomatic, show no visible symptoms, however they transmit the virus. And the misfortune is that the first to whom the virus is transmitted are the parents, the grandparents, who can be affected to a great extent “, Orban told B1 TV.

Inevitably, Ludovic Orban was also asked about when the children will return to class. Unsurprisingly, he said the timing depends on the evolution of the pandemic.

“It all depends on the evolution of the pandemic. We want all students to return to the classroom, we want education to take place in the classroom. On the other hand, we cannot ignore what is happening in Romania from a pandemic point of view “, Ludovic Orban also said.

Regarding the restriction of traffic at night, the Prime Minister had a personal experience that convinced him that such a measure will be of real use.

“It was not just us who introduced these restrictions. We even waited a while to see in other countries if they work. And it seems that they give effects, because during the night, a lot of young people, teenagers and not only, spend time. (…) They were held (night parties- no) in all possible places. I was not convinced from the beginning of the usefulness of these restrictions. Until one evening, when I returned home at around 12 at night, in Dobroeşti, (…) and in two places I saw groups of teenagers sitting on the street. He wasn’t even in the park or… they just sat on the street together, drinking a beer… No mask, nothing. There, as they were grouped together, if only one of them was ill, he would certainly make half of the others ill. They went home and made their parents, grandparents sick. It’s a major risk factor, “said Orban.


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