White House says multiple Donald Trump coronavirus tests came back negative

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“The president,” said his personal physician Sean Conley, “tested negative for several days in a row and is not contagious.”

US President Donald Trump tested negative for Covidsaid the White House doctor. “The president,” said his personal physician Sean Conley, “tested negative for several days in a row and is not contagious.” The announcement was made as Trump embarked on Air Force One to go to Florida and resume the election campaign.

In response to your question about the president’s most recent covid-19 tests, I can report that he tested negative for several days in a row using (the test) Abbott BinaxNOW “Conley said in a letter released by the White House ten days after Trump announced that he had tested positive for the disease.

These so-called antigenic tests are generally less sensitive than traditional molecular tests (PCR).

According to Trump’s doctor, which does not specify the days the tests were performedThese were not the only indicators used to “determine the current negative status of the president.”

A series of data allowed the medical team to conclude “that the president is not contagious,” stressed the same source.

This brief statement was issued while the Republican president, who is seeking a second term in the November 3 elections, was on board his Air Force One plane bound for Florida (southeast), where he is scheduled to participate in a campaign rally. .

With the conviction that he is immune to “the horrible virus of China”, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, resumes his campaign acts this Monday outside the White House since he contracted COVID-19 at a rally in Sanford, central Florida.

“See you in Sanford, Florida, tonight for a big rally, “the president wrote this morning on his official Twitter account, and after declaring to the Fox network on Sunday that he is” immune “to the coronavirus, more than a week after he tested positive for COVID -19, and ensure that he is “in very good shape to fight the battles.”

Trump was so confident after his White House doctor Sean Conley issued a report over the weekend stating that the president “It is no longer considered a transmission risk for others”, although he did not answer the question of when was the last coronavirus test in which the president tested negative.

Trump’s rally in Florida is held a week after he left Walter Reed Military Hospital and after a first public rally with supporters held on Saturday on a White House balcony after contracting the disease.

The event in Sanford has prompted criticism of the president, for the danger that it may still be a contagion agent, and even a lawsuit with a view to its cancellation filed by lawyer Daniel Uhlfelder, because the act “is a nuisance.”

Democratic candidate Joe Biden said Monday that Trump’s rally in Florida will take only “Reckless behavior, divisive rhetoric, and more fear.”

“He does not have a plan to control this virus that has killed more than 15,000 Floridians, he does not have a plan to protect Floridians’ health care from his administration’s attacks on the Affordable Care Act” (Obamacare) the former vice president (2009-2017) added in a statement.

Following the Florida rally, the president is planning other campaign events this week in the states of Pennsylvania and Iowa, with which he intends to gain ground, according to the latest polls.

According to a poll released on Sunday by ABC News and the newspaper The Washington Post, Biden leads Trump by 12 points in popular vote intention, while according to the average polls conducted by RealClear Politics, the Democrat leads by 10.6 percentage points.

Source: AFP, ANSA and EFE


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