Christopher Wray would no doubt change his testimony on the subject, which he filed in congressional hearings on Thursday if he “dug deeper” into the issue, Meadows said on Friday.

The FBI director said in hearings at the Senate Internal Security Committee that he had found no evidence of a concerted effort at the national level to “trick” the outcome of the upcoming election, contradicting White House tenants. voting by mail threatens the “sincerity” of the election.

“With all due respect to Director Wray, he has difficulty finding correspondence within his own FBI. Let’s talk about election fraud, “Mark Meadows told CBS, without specifying what missing correspondence he was referring to.

A federal prosecutor in Pennsylvania, a state considered decisive in the November presidential election, announced on Thursday that the FBI was looking to determine whether nine ballots from the military in favor of Donald Trump had been “treated fairly.”

Mark Meadows called on Christopher Wray to “deepen the investigation that has just begun.”

“Maybe he needs to get involved on the ground, and that changes his testimony at the Capitol,” he said.

Contacted by Reuters, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) did not comment on these White House statements.

Donald Trump named Christopher Wray FBI director after the ouster of James Comey in 2017 during Robert Mueller’s Russian investigation into possible links between the 2016 New York billionaire’s campaign team and Russia.