After returning quickly from the hospital to the White House, the President of the United States Donald Trump took off the mask while the cameras were running.

This is how he communicated in body language that the corona is not to be feared. He sent the same message on Twitter to his supporters.

– Don’t let the corona control your life!

The internal guidance given in the White House paints a different picture of the severity of the disease. He tells about it New York Times.

According to the magazine, the memo has been distributed at the White House this week. Staff have been instructed in case they need to deal with the president.

If they are at least six feet, or about 1.8 meters, from the president, your hands and face mask will suffice to protect you.

If they go close, they are required to take off all their outerwear and wear a “yellow jacket”, face mask, gloves, and goggles.

When leaving, they should take off their jackets and gloves and put them in the trash, clean the glasses with cleaning cloths, wash their hands and wear hand gloves.

It has been reported in the past that the White House has very good conditions for the spread of the corona. The facilities are known to be very cramped. “Office” often just means a table crammed into a recess, he says AFP.

The reason is that the building is a residential building converted into government workspaces rather than a traditional state office space.

After all, hardly anyone on the staff wore a mask, at least before Trump’s coronary infection.

On Tuesday, however, many White House staff remained at home, he says New York Times.

At least 18 corona infections are linked to Trump

Several people close to Trump have already been infected with the corona. His most recent corona infection has been reported by a White House adviser Stephen Miller. He tells about it BBC.

Miller has been in solitary confinement for the past five days. He confirmed on Tuesday that he has been diagnosed with a corona infection. Miller’s 97-year-old grandmother Ruth Glosser died in the summer as a result of coronary infection, according to media reports. The White House has denied this, but the death certificate unveiled by Uncle Stephen Miller mentioned breathing difficulties and Korona as the cause of death.

Also in the command of the US Defense Forces, among others, the General Mark Miley has been isolated since the U.S. Coast Guard admiral Charles Raylla coronary infection was confirmed.

After Trump became ill, it was known that also the first woman Melania Trump and assistant Hope Hicks have become infected.

After this, the infection is confirmed by the press secretary Kayleigh McEnanylla and three other members of the communications team: Chad Gilmartinilla, Caroline Leavittilla and Jalen Drummondilla.

McEnany reported her infection on Monday. On Sunday, McEnany spoke to reporters without a mask.

USA Todayn according to a group of infections linked to the White House, at least 18 Republicans have confirmed coronary infection.

On Monday, the White House declined an offer from the Infectious Diseases Agency (CDC) to lead an infection trace and find out who may have been infected after dealing with Trump’s high-ranking authorities. USA Today reports on this issue, citing several CDC sources. The White House has not told how it seeks to track infections.