“We will not control the pandemic. The things we will control will be in areas of mitigation, such as providing vaccines and treatment regimens,” Meadows said on a CNN show on Sunday.

Asked why the United States would not do so, Meadows said, “Because it’s a contagious virus, like the flu,” but added that the Trump administration is working to “contain” the epidemic.

“What we need to do is make sure that we have appropriate mitigation factors on hand, whether it’s treatment regimens, vaccines or treatments, so as to prevent deaths.”

On Saturday, the United States reported nearly 84,000 new infections in a single day, while the total toll rose to 8,575,000 on Sunday.

The White House spokesman’s clarification comes in the context of an increase in the number of daily cases in the US and the fact that the Trump administration has often ignored the recommendations of health experts regarding wearing a mask, respecting social distance and avoiding large-scale events. .

A second outbreak of infections could break out in the White House after September, after which Trump himself fell ill with members of the campaign team. According to sources quoted by CNN, five people in the entourage of Vice President Mike Pence, the coordinator of the crisis team, were recently tested positive for coronavirus, and this number could increase. Among them is one of the vice-president’s bodyguards who did not isolate himself after coming into contact with these people. Pence received a negative result on Sunday.