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The health situation of US President Donald Trump is “very worrisome” and “there is no clear path to recovery yet”. White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said that to journalists on Saturday ‘off the record’. He was quickly identified.

Uncertainty about supplemental oxygen administered

Meadows told earlier Reuters that Trump was doing well. The White House doctor, Sean Conley, said the same in a news conference. Trump would have no trouble breathing and be less tired.

Following the press release, White House reporters from various US media outlets at Walter Reed Hospital, where Trump is being cared for, were approached by a “source knowledgeable about the president’s condition.”

CCTV footage and photos quickly revealed that the source in question was the White House Chief of Staff.

Initiates seem much more concerned about the president’s condition than is officially proclaimed.

The moment Meadows catches up with journalists ‘off the record’ at the hospital in Bethesda (photo: ANP).

During the press conference, White House physician Conley also responded remarkably evasively about whether the president had been given supplemental oxygen.

Conley replied that Trump did not receive supplemental oxygen on Thursday and Saturday. On Friday he held in the middle and stated that the president was not given supplemental oxygen “while the team was with him”. With that, it may still be the case that the president was given oxygen in the White House on Friday, as sources claim in American media.

It is also not known when exactly Trump’s diagnosis was made. The president himself came out with the news on Friday, but Conley reported that the diagnosis was known 72 hours ago.

That would mean that the president knew on Wednesday that he had tested positive. That same night, he held another campaign meeting in Minnesota. When journalists asked Conley critical questions about this, he came afterwards with a statement that he meant three days with Saturday added, so Thursday evening (local time).

With this, the doctor leaves room that Trump may have started his treatment much earlier than was outlined. According to two sources The New York Times the president’s situation deteriorated on Friday and it was then decided to transfer him to hospital. There he could be helped faster and better.



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