In the United States, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is once again criticizing Donald Trump for failing to deal with the interest rate crisis.

Biden received further impetus for his criticism when he was Chief of Staff of the White House Mark Meadows reported administrative weakness in relation to the corona pandemic.

– We can’t control a pandemic. We plan to make sure we get the vaccine, treatments and other mitigating factors, Meadows told the news channel CNN on Sunday.

– Control would not have been practical because it is an infectious virus such as the flu.

Biden grabbed Meadows’ comment right away. According to the ex-vice president, this is a sign that Trump has surrendered to the interest rate crisis.

“It was an open acknowledgment of what Trump’s strategy has been from the beginning: waving a white flag as a sign of defeat and closing his eyes in the hope that the virus would simply disappear,” Biden snarled.

– It hasn’t disappeared, nor will it disappear.

Meadows ’comments hit an embarrassing moment, as infection rates in the U.S. have risen to their highest levels throughout the pandemic in recent days. On Saturday, nearly 90,000 new infections were diagnosed in the country.

The U.S. presidential election will be held on November 3rd.