One of the measures agreed between the central government and the Autonomous Communities for returning to school is the mandatory use of a mask from the age of six in classrooms and on school transport.

Back to school in Madrid, between the fear of the Covid and the confidence in the measures: “We did not know whether to bring the child but we have to get out of this”

The opening of educational centers has generated great uncertainty and concern, especially due to the daily increase in new coronavirus infections. For this reason, the General Council of Pharmaceutical Colleges of Spain has prepared a guide with recommendations to guarantee the proper use of the mask among students.

What mask is better according to age?

At a general level, the mask is mandatory for people over six years of age, except in justified exceptions, and It is recommended from three to six years, as highlighted by experts in Pharmacy. However, “in children under three years it is not recommended.”

Thus, healthy children must use hygienic masks regulated by the UNE 0064-2 and UNE 0065 standards (reusable and non-reusable) from the age of three according to their age range. We can find three different sizes:

  • Little: for children under three and five years old. This mask has dimensions of 5.5×13 centimeters.
  • Median: for minors from six to nine years old. The dimensions are 6.5×15 centimeters.
  • Big: for children from 10 to 12 years old. The dimensions are 8.5×17 centimeters.

Recommendations for the safe use of the mask

What is the limit temperature for not taking children to school

One of the tips that professionals offer is for each child to use stickers or mark the end of the mask with a marker so that they can identify them. However, “do not sew, pierce or write directly on the filter area of ​​the mask since it can alter its effectiveness “, they emphasize.

On the other hand, it is recommended not to wear it for more than four hours and throw it away if it gets wet or dirty. So, minors have to carry “a spare mask kept in a cloth bag”. If they are non-reusable hygienic masks, washing them is not recommended, as it could alter their filtration properties.