Portugal introduces new rules: gatherings of more than ten people are banned and social limits are imposed. It is also forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages later than 20.00, Mediafax and Hotnews report.

Special rules will be implemented in the largest cities, Lisbon and Porto. People will take shifts to work, public transportation will be limited, and restaurants and cafes near schools will only serve groups of up to four people at the table.

The Portuguese understand the risks, but say they cannot live in panic and want to continue their lives. The cases of COVID in Portugal reached a record number, over 600 in one day. “We are careful, we wear a mask, we use disinfectant, but we should continue to live our lives, because isolating ourselves is not a solution, it is not a solution for our mental health, so we must continue to live normally.” considers Joana Silva, a student, according to Mediafax.

Austria has also reached more than 500 cases a day, so the measures are tightening here as well. The mask becomes mandatory in all indoor spaces, and the number of participants in events is limited.

The Austrian chancellor says he does not expect an improvement in the situation. The mask becomes mandatory, events will be limited to 50 people indoors and 100 outdoors, and special events will be held with 1,500 people indoors and 3,000 outdoors. “We expect to need these measures at least during the winter. And we can’t promise we won’t impose others. The goal is to prevent quarantine, “said Sebastian Kurz, Austria’s chancellor.

In Birmingham, English people can go out to the bar, but cannot meet people from another family, in a group of more than six. The authorities consider that the main reason why the cases have increased is the private assemblies. The UK reached a record over 3,000 cases in one day.