Based on the volume “Point Blanc”, the second book in the eponymous series written by Anthony Horowitz, which has sold over 20 million copies globally, “Alex Rider” was filmed in the UK and Romania, the scenes from Point Blanc being filmed entirely in the Bucegi Mountains.

Actress Ana Ularu will play the character Eva Stellenbosch, the Dean of Point Blanc, who will put Alex Rider in difficulty.

The series follows the story of Alex Rider, a teenager from London who was unknowingly trained for the dangerous world of espionage since childhood. Forced to investigate his uncle’s death and what it has to do with the murder of two billionaires, Alex reluctantly agrees to assume a new identity and goes undercover to an isolated boarding school in the mountains called Point Blanc. Located somewhere on the ridges of the French Alps, Point Blanc promotes itself as a place where troubled teenagers from extremely wealthy families are brought on the right path. As Alex researches more closely, he discovers that the students are in fact the subject of at least a disturbing plan, which the young man will have to stop, even at the risk of his own life.

“Alex Rider” is produced by Eleventh Hour Films and Sony Pictures Television. Otto Farrant (“The White Queen”) plays Alex, the cast also includes Ana Ularu (“Emerald City”), Brennock O’Conner (“Game of Thrones”), Vicky McClure (“Line of Duty”), Ronke Adekoluejo (“Doctor Who”), MarliSiu (“Dixi”), Stephen Dillane (“Game of Thrones”) and Andrew Buchan (“Garrow’s Law”).

Anthony Horowitz, the franchise’s author, is also an executive producer with Jill Green (“Foyle’s War”) and Eve Gutierrez (“Vexed”). Guy Burt (“The Borgias”) is a screenwriter, and Andreas Prochaska and Christopher Smith were directors.