When there is a click from improvisation among musicians, an indie hit is created

The summer of 2020 will be remembered by many for not so good things, but despite everything, interesting stories have happened. One of them comes from Rijeka. Lado Bartoniček from Atmospherica met Matilda Krulder, a young musician from California, this summer. The relaxed atmosphere, the positive people, the guitars and vocals and the energy that is currently taking over, created the beautiful song “I am”. Lado and Matilda connected at first, and his music and lyrics came to life.

Matilda Krulder has been in music and with music since she was a child. She studied opera for six years and attended a vocal program for young artists at Boston University, and jazz, which she began playing at a young age, remained her favorite genre of singing. He also composes and performs his own music. Her passion and goal is to use music and the arts to spread communication and understanding between different cultures and to promote diplomacy.

“Amazing how we clicked musically! I was with a friend with company. At one point we were listening to some of my songs in having fun. Matilda, whom I didn’t know until then, joined us with her guitar and we continued together. In one improvisation of some of my tunes Matilda wrote the lyrics and the duet was over. Soon after, in just a few days I made a song, we recorded vocals and a video. It was a very inspiring and fun musical experience “- said Lado.

Matilda’s lyrics, voice and interpretation blended perfectly with the music and a refreshing indie song “I am” was created that wins at first and calls at repeat. “Working with Lada is an absolute pleasure. I would describe the creation of this song as quick and fun. Lado is very relaxed and open, so working and creating with him is of course a pleasure ”- she said briefly and added that she could not have seen off Croatia and the summer of 2020 in a better way.

Music connects in a variety of ways, it connects people no matter where they are from, what skin color they are, who they believe in and what language they speak. It is the universal energy with which the most wonderful things are created, and the song “I am” shows just that.

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“I AM”

music Lado Bartoniček

text | Matilda Krulder

arrangement Lado Bartoniček

performers Lado Bartoniček (vocals, guitar and programming), Matilda Krulder (vocals), Franjo Jardas (bass and solo guitar)

video | Lado and Ana Bartoniček



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