Sunrise Avenue broke through in Europe, even though it was still considered a clown band in Finland. Especially in Germany, the popularity has been strong from the beginning.

However, as the voice coach of Voice of Germany, Samu Haber, the band’s beaker, ended up as a surprise even to himself. Haber will talk about it in a report on Wednesday Samu Haber – Forever Yours biography (Ottawa).

A delegation of the German record company visited Finland and among the evening attendees worked at Universal as General Manager Jochen Schuster stated to Haber:

– You should go to Voice of Germany.

Haber thought the throw was a joke.

A couple of years earlier, he had been asked about a similar program in Finland. However, Haber had said no, because Finland was too small a market for Sunrise Avenue at the time. The program would have tied Haber to basketball for half a year, which would have meant that one more zero should have been drawn for the star coach’s reward.

However, the voice of Germany’s Haber was wanted. Germany was bombed by phone. The Voice people had done their analyzes and concluded that Samu Haber would become a superstar across the country through the program. Which, of course, would mean that Voice of Germany would also win. Everyone would win.

“I didn’t need 3D deep matrix modeling of the Central European media landscape to understand that Sunrise Avenue would rise on the same ride,” Haber states in his recent biography.

However, participating in the program was an absurd idea. Although Haber’s father is German, he knew German in only twenty words. However, language teaching was provided from Germany.

That’s how Haber got his teacher Viktorin. It was three weeks before Voice started. Fresh Unholy Ground the album had to be finalized and Haber started his day by bending German verbs.

– Six hours of language studies with Viktor every morning. From there, a luncheon on the lip across the city is created by Immonen to make an album. When Jukka arranged something that I was not needed for, I did homework, that is, I bent those arpeggies of Satan verbs according to the instructions of the county artist. I pumped German as much as I could.

– Sometimes I was caught in the singing booth mumbling German words to myself in a semitone when I should have produced a song track for the album. At home, I was still lying in the morning from two in bed with a laptop in my lap and watching German movies, Haber describes.

On the first day of the program meeting, he realized nothing about anything.

– Behind my chair, on the floor border, was Squat Mimmi, who always translated me into English, what was once spoken. The squat translator did the chore in the neck.

– Fear tightens his grip. The destruction of your reputation, yet somehow I could endure, but suddenly I realize that I am a genuine threat to the Voice of Germany’s production. The work of hundreds of people depends on how I perform. Star coaches are the cornerstone of the program, Haber describes in the book.

But only Haber from Finland, who was not fluent in language, ended up in Voice of Germany.

– For the first time in my life, I feel slow. I have nothing to say, no means to communicate, no emotional contact with my environment. Nothing to catch. I don’t know when the cameras are on and when they aren’t and what happens between competitors ’performances, Haber describes his moments of horror.

Gradually, it became clear to the production team that Haber was serious about not knowing German:

– The people at the production rock me lists of words and phrases that I should use on stage. Pointless stack of papers. You’re like a star in the night sky and other similar shit, with a sideburn. It is clear that there is a crisis meeting behind us.

In the end, it was decided that Haber would be allowed to speak English while on holiday in German.

Samu Haber – Forever Yours (Ottawa), written by Tuomas Nyholm, will be published on October 14.