When Leak in Pretoria premieres, Daniel Radcliffe’s new film, which will hit the TNT screen without going to the cinema

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The protagonist of the saga Harry Potter plays a political prisoner of South African apartheid alongside Australian actor Daniel Webber.

British actor Daniel Radcliffe, known worldwide for the saga of films of Harry Potter, is the protagonist of Escape from Pretoria, a film that was due to hit theaters this year, but due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, it will be seen directly on cable. The premiere will be this Monday at 22, by the TNT signal.

The film, which is part of the catalog of the film label Particular Crowd and TNT Original, tells the real facts about the escape of two white South African men they had been jailed for working in operations of Nelson Mandela’s outlawed party, the African National Congress.

Directed by Francis Annan, Escape from Pretoria is an adaptation of Tim Jenkin’s book, about his own experience as a political prisoner and subsequent escape from prison in 1979.

It is precisely Radcliffe who plays Jenkin, while the Australian Daniel Webber as Stephen Lee, your companion on the odyssey.

The real case that had Jenkin and Lee as unwanted protagonists began in March 1978, when they fell into prison together in the South African city of Pretoria for producing and distributing banned pamphlets supporting the cause against apartheid and urging citizens to join the same fight.

Apartheid it was the racial segregation system that was maintained in South Africa and also in Namibia and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), after the triumph of the National Party in coalition with the Afrikaans Party, in 1947. The following year, the discriminatory regime began to take legal form, as it was backed by laws enacted for this purpose. .

The ratification of the triumph of ’47 four years later was nothing but the key to deepen the measures that, even despite the claims of the international community, they remained in force until the early ’90s.

Among other decisions, sand established segregated areas in South African cities, encompassing sites such as beaches, buses, hospitals, schools and even benches in public parks, being separated into “white only” or “black only” places.

After just over a month of trial, both pleaded guilty and were sentenced to prison for twelve and eight years, respectively. Shortly after entering prison, both prisoners, along with another group of inmates, began to hatch an escape plan that would involve the manufacture of wooden keys.

The initial plan was for eight inmates to participate in the escape, but eventually they determined that the viability of the escape was possible with only three people.

Finally, in December 1979, Tim Jenkin, Stephen Lee, and another inmate named Alex Moumbaris escaped from Pretoria jail using the wooden keys made by hand for different doors of the prison, from those of its cells to those of the different security galleries.

After overcoming some inconveniences and receiving the help of those who were left behind, the three convicts managed to escape. The leak included the clandestine departure from South Africa with different stopovers before arriving in London.



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