“When I think back on the time with Van Gaal I still have nightmares.”

Rafael da Silva doesn’t have many fond memories of his time with Louis van Gaal at Manchester United. The 31-year old defender is now active at Istanbul Basaksehir. He played at Old Trafford from 2008 to 2015, and was under Van Gaal his last season. Bee Talk of the Devils, a podcast by The AthleticRafael said that Van Gaal sometimes gives him nightmares about Manchester United.

Rafael thinks back to Van Gaal’s work. The Brazilian remembers playing against West Ham United. Rafael prepared for Wayne Rooney’s opening goal on the 27th of September 2014. “I played a very solid game. Although I am convinced that he didn’t want to place a bet on me at all, Ryan Giggs may have helped. I did well and Wayne Rooney provided a nice goal.

Van Gaal showed video footage from the game to the players the day after. “Here, here and here!”He continued to say it. Rafael said that he had a positive feeling about the match. “I knew that I had played well and maybe even enough to win the match. The third clip was the goal. I thought, now he is going to say something nice about me. He replied, “Here, this one. Cross. Why does the ball bounce? This is not a good crossing! “Why did you do this?” I looked at him, and thought: What is this guy talking? He just said it was a bad pass and I gave him an assist.”

Sir Alex Ferguson brought Rafael in 2008 Rafael reports that Van Gaal’s former Scottish trainer had different expectations. “The difference was in training instructions. Van Gaal asked why we passed the ball immediately after our first contact. Ferguson thought that it was fantastic to witness. It helps the game move at a faster pace. Van Gaal hated the idea. He stated that we needed to control the ball. Hit it twice, hit the ball three times… It still scares me to think about.”

Rafael has not been shy about his opinions on the Orange national coach. Interview with The AthleticHe told him in September that Van Gaal had already informed him that he could not leave his second day as trainer. “I didn’t know what I was doing when he said that. It was amazing. Ryan Giggs tried his best to stand by me. I discussed it with him and couldn’t understand why I was not allowed to show Van Gaal my training. He came in and said, “You can go.” He didn’t explain. He stated, “You won’t play this season. I’m not going to be using you.” You have the option to leave if that’s what you want. I said, “Okay.” “I tried to fight for what I wanted. I stayed for one year, which was really difficult. He is the worst person that I have ever had to work with.”


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