When are the 2020 US elections? Election date and calendar

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The presidential election in the United States is always held “the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November“-a date chosen in 1845 by Congress- which in 2020 places the day of the elections on Tuesday, November 3. [Sigue las últimas noticias de las elecciones en Estados Unidos en directo.]

The choice of the date therefore responds to the logic of the time: in November the harvests had already finished, the roads were not icy and they facilitated transport. The fact that they were on Tuesday made it easier for voters not to have to travel on weekends. Campaigns to promote voting day change have been unsuccessful so far.

In the presidential election of November 3People over 18 who have previously registered vote. Citizens do not directly elect the candidate, but rather delegates or voters within each state that will cast electoral votes on your behalf. Are 538 delegates in total distributed by the states according to their population – whose names do not appear on the ballots – that form the electoral College who will elect the president. A candidate needs 270 out of 538 votes to be elected president.

Meetings in states

The electoral college does not meet as a body. December 14, the delegates will meet in the states and vote for the president and vice president. The electoral law establishes that voters “meet and cast their vote on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December.”

The January 6, 2012, the new Congress receives the electoral votes of the states, counts them, certifies them and solemnly announces the name of the president-elect. On January 20 the investiture ceremony is held at the White House. That date is immovable since 1933.



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