WhatsApp will stop working on these smartphones via 2021

Manufacturers have to regularly adapt to the new technologies available to assure their competitiveness in the market. But the identical is true for app developers that have to take into account the new tools available in systems. That is why WhatsApp updates its lowest requirements for 2021.

These lowest requirements imply sad news for a lot of users: their old smartphones won’t be able to download WhatsApp and, in instances where it was already downloaded, they will not be capable of use it. How old are smartphones on the market that will no longer be supported by WhatsApp? It will probably depend on the version of the os they are running.

WhatsApp requires these kinds of versions of Android and iOS as minimum requirements

When it comes to both the most popular mobile operating systems in the world, i will first start by mentioning the lowest requirements of Android and iOS. In the case of Google’s mobile OS, i will have to have version 4.0.a few or newer on our smartphones avoiding compatibility problems with WhatsApp.

And for any iPhone or iPad we are speaking about a minimum requirement of iOS 9 or maybe later. For those users who have smartphones on the market still valid with Android or maybe iOS that have deactivated the changes years ago, it is time to look for new variants available in case they want to continue employing their old devices and not lose WhatsApp.

Finally, WhatsApp is also compatible with KaiOS 2.5.1 or in the future software, but the team of builders of this app will let go of the particular hands of those users who have oldest products of said OS.

The listing is permissive enough but people who find themselves going to be excluded keep in mind that we can generate a backup of our chat histories and after that send it to us by using email as an attachment. All this since WhatsApp does not allow you to keep the historical past between different platforms.

WhatsApp changes its minimum requirements and thankfully these are not restrictive at all. Individuals who have received Android updates in the last seven long years or an iOS update over the previous 7 years will still be able to use the tour’s most popular instant messaging app.

Source: WhatsApp


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