WhatsApp launched temporary messages that disappear after 7 days

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After a year of testing, the new messenger feature begins to be available on mobile devices.

The WhatsApp platform, owned by Facebook, does not believe that it is necessary for most of the content that the user usually sends daily stay on the phone indefinitely. For this reason, the more than 2 billion users will be able to start using the new function of temporary messages or they “self-destruct” after 7 days.

After more than a year of testing, WhatsApp finally announced another feature that promises to revolutionize the platform, as happened with the implementation of voice messages or video calls.

This new feature that came to WhatsApp is enabled not only in group chats, as was presumed, but also in individual conversations.

In fact, either person can turn temporary messages on or off. While in groups, only administrators they will have the control to do it.

Before starting to use temporary messages, keep in mind that when activating them, those that have been sent to that chat will disappear after 7 days, whether the receiver opened them or not. Of course, those previously sent or received in the chat will not be affected.

“We believe that this period of time will allow them to follow the thread of the conversation without forgetting what they were chatting about,” they clarified from the messaging service on the app’s official blog.

After this time, the messages received, whether from a supermarket list or the conversation you have had with your group of friends, will disappear from the chat as long as the option is activated. The company assures that this will help the conversation feel lighter and more private.

In the case of images, this option will also delete photos and videos saved in the application, but will not destroy the contents stored on the device, for example, in the case of people who have configured automatic file download.

To start using the so-called temporary messages, first, you have to verify that the smartphone has the latest version of the messenger. The function will be available immediately if you have auto update enabledIf not, you will have to do it manually from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iPhone).

WhatsApp reported that the feature will begin to arrive first for Argentine users of the application, since the company placed it in the first group of countries, and then continue with the rest globally during this month of November.

People who want to can activate it in the settings, in the “Data usage and storage” section.


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