Although we have baptized them as messages that self-destruct, WhatsApp has made this function official as temporary messages, which were officially announced in the frequently asked questions section and we have already told you several details about them.

However, WhatsApp has revealed new official information in this regard, and has confirmed that this function will be available to everyone this month, for now it does not detail when will be the day that these temporary messages will arrive, but probably in the next few days Android and iOS users can enjoy this feature.

The function will come through an update in the Play Store and App Store, so you will have to be aware of the application store on your phone.

How are temporary messages activated?

The company has also revealed that to activate this function on Android and iOS, the following must be done:

  • Open a chat or group on WhatsApp.
  • Touch the name of the contact or group.
  • Look for the option “Temporary messages”
  • Click on “Continue” and then on “On” to start working. In the case of groups, only administrators can activate this option.
Credit: WABetaInfo

A legend will appear in the chat that the temporary messages have been activated, which you must remember that they will be removed from the chat in the next 7 days. Likewise, it is important to consider that all the multimedia elements sent to that chat and downloaded to the member’s devices will not be removed from the team’s storage, but from the chat and company servers.

Another detail that we must mention is that the backup copies that are made will not delete the chats that are deleted when the option is activated, at least not until this copy is replaced by a more recent one that no longer contains those messages.

In summary, temporary chats are not like Telegram’s secret chats where what we send can be deleted in seconds and where there is no record of said messages, in fact, WhatsApp mentions that other users can take screenshots of these messages, so it is advisable to take care of what is sent in a chat despite having this function activated.