Although the pre-sale of the Xbox Series X and Series S took place on September 22 in the United States, United Kingdom, Spain and more countries in Europe and other areas of the world, Mexico, which is one of the markets most important Xbox in America was not part of the pre-sale of the consoles, which were sold out in a short time after becoming available, even a curious event is that many people seem to have made a mistake when reserving Series X due to the fact that the sale of the Xbox One X increased by more than 700%.

But the days go by and Xbox has not announced anything about the presale of the new consoles in Mexico, even some rumors suggested that this information was going to be revealed this week, specifically after the end of a promotion of the brand that was running since A few days ago, there were even users who mentioned that store employees like GamePlanet had revealed that the pre-sale was going to start this week, but it does not seem that it will.

What is happening with the presale in Mexico?

Through its Twitter account, Xbox Mexico has mentioned that they are still working on the details to be able to open the reservation of the consoles in Mexico, however, they assure that both consoles will be officially launched on November 10 as it will happen in all other countries of the world.

The firm is not offering details about what the problems are and what is delaying the announcement of the pre-sale, so there are many theories about it, however, none have been confirmed by a member close to Xbox Mexico.

Because in other countries Amazon, Walmart and BestBuy were the stores chosen for pre-sale, it is likely that in Mexico work is also under way for more than one store to pre-sell the new Microsoft consoles, however, in several countries of the In the world, pre-sales only took place in one store, and in some markets the store selected was Amazon.

We don’t know if the pre-sale delay has something to do with Prime Day, or if it’s just negotiations that have gone on longer than they should.

This is how users have reacted

This has generated different opinions on social networks, on the one hand there are people who respond that because of this delay they will then buy a PS5, which has already been pre-sold in Mexico. On the other hand, there are users who say that buying it in presale is not a good idea, especially considering what is happening with the presales of the PS5 and with the message that Amazon United States gave to customers who bought an Xbox Series X or PS5 in pre-sale, where they mentioned that several users could receive their console up to several days after launch due to high demand.

Xbox has mentioned that on November 10 there will be more consoles available in all markets where it will go on sale, so in case you do not want to buy it in pre-sale for fear that it may arrive later than it should, you can buy it in physical and online stores on November 10.