Yesterday the pre-sale of the Xbox Series X and Series S officially began in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, in fact, such was the success of the pre-sale that both the Series X and the Series S They sold out quickly in the United States and other countries, although Xbox has mentioned that those who did not reach a console will probably have to wait until November 10 to buy one, but this is not a fact yet.

However, the curious thing about this situation is that a very strange phenomenon happened with the sales of the Xbox One X, since Amazon saw a sales increase of 747%, something that undoubtedly caught the attention of many people. What exactly happened? It really is difficult to know exactly what happened, but the most logical theory is that many users bought an Xbox One X instead of an Xbox Series X.

Amazon was one of the stores where it was possible to reserve the Series X, in fact, Jeff Bezos’ store began pre-sale an hour later than expected, according to The Verge, and even so the available units sold out quickly. According to the official Xbox site, Amazon was one of the official stores for the pre-sale of the Series X in the United States, so thousands of people went to separate it to the store.

It has been mentioned for a long time that the nomenclature that Microsoft uses for its consoles can be confusing, and confusing an Xbox One X with an Xbox Series X can be normal in a situation like this, where only if you do not buy the console in the In the first hours you are likely to run out of a unit until November 10.

When will the pre-sale of the Xbox Series X and Series S begin in Mexico?

The official Xbox account in Mexico mentioned that in our country there will also be a pre-sale of the new consoles, however, this did not start yesterday, as they point out that they are finalizing the details to announce when and where the pre-sale will be.

Amazon is probably one of the stores where you can go for pre-sales, since the company already has a website within the store where users can subscribe to receive notifications once the Series X is on sale, since there are already a console post in the store, although it is not yet possible to buy it.

We will tell you all the details when they are available.