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Biohacking is about “letting your own body work for you”. An expert reveals what the trend is all about.

Optimize yourself so that you can get the most out of yourself? Biohacking makes it possible. Systematic self-optimization originally comes from the USA, but is currently also a trend in this country. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Max Gotzler, the author of “The Daily Biohacker”, reveals what is important and whether everyone can become a biohacker.

What is biohacking?

Max Gotzler: Biohacking is the scientific art of biological potential development. Until recently, humans were still dependent on chance or the opinions of experts when it came to experiencing desirable states such as flow, creativity or health. Yet so much valuable, well-validated knowledge about the mind and body has been amassed over the past 20 years. And the best part: Much of it is simple and practicable for all of us. This scientific art of better understanding our biochemical processes in order to adapt them to our needs and wishes is known today as biohacking.

What is biohacking about?

Gotzler: Biohacking, especially lifestyle biohacking like the one I do, is primarily about letting your body and mind work for you again. In a modern world with all its charms and requirements, more and more people feel as if they are being remotely controlled from their smartphones, jobs and the fast-moving world. There is so much information on this that nobody knows exactly what to believe. Biohacking is primarily about understanding one’s own biology. Biohacking can help everyone to determine their own quality of life again.

What is the meaning behind the term biohacking?

Gotzler: The word biohacking is made up of the two terms “bio”, which stands for biology and life, and “hacking”, an English word from the computer sector that describes a type of decryption. Together they create a form of biological decoding with the aim of better understanding ourselves as humans.

How do you become a biohacker?

Gotzler: I am convinced that there is a small or large biohacker in each of us. Someone who understands himself and his environment better and wants to develop his potential to the maximum. The first step in letting this biohacker out of you is to become aware of what you really want in life. Thoughts and emotions are electromagnetic signals that can penetrate into every cell in the body and act there. If you use this first and most important biohack regularly, life will inevitably move in exactly the direction you want to go.

Can anyone become a biohacker?

Gotzler: Absolutely! Each of us has the right to determine how we feel every day. By consciously cooperating with our biology, we can not only significantly increase cognitive and physical performance, but above all increase the personal and collective quality of life. We will all get much older than the generation before us. The question is how. Everyone has the right and the opportunity to be fit on all levels until their last breath.

Why is biohacking currently trendy?

Gotzler: At least since the “Bild” newspaper reported on biohacking in relation to the new training methods used by young football talents such as Erling Haaland and Serge Gnabry, biohacking has also reached the general public in this country. There are now biohacking events all over the world where you can experiment with the latest equipment, have your gene profile tested, try promising tinctures, be treated magnetically, listen to extraordinary lectures and even sweat in a sauna or jump into ice water. All of these people at these events share an interest in the biological development of our individual potential.

The special thing about biohacking is the individual approach and therefore a lack of generic general recommendations. For every method there are people for whom it works great and others for whom it doesn’t work at all. So something might work fantastic in one way of life and not at all in another. I see this again and again, for example, when friends around me become parents. Biohacking does not try to teach across the board, but rather to inspire you individually, to deal with your body and mind, to learn and to create the life of your dreams yourself.


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