What will become of Francesco Bruni with Kim Rossi Stuart soon available on demand

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Presented at the closing of the Rome Film Fest, and in theaters on the eve of the closing decreed by the government, the new film by the director from Livorno will be available on demand from 31 October. Waiting to be able to return to cinemas.

Already postponed for many months due to the pandemic (it was supposed to be released in March, with the title Everything will be fine), the new director’s film from Livorno Francesco Bruni, What will be, just had time to be presented at the end of the Rome Film Festival and to appear in theaters on Saturday evening and last Sunday before the cinemas were closed until next November 24 by the new decree of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.
Following the government decision, Palomar, Vision Distribution and the Bruni they made the decision to make it available What will be on on demand platforms starting October 31st.

Director Francesco Bruni stated in this regard:

What will be is a troubled story. Its release was initially scheduled for March, but due to force majeure it was postponed to autumn. After months of waiting, during which the streaming release was not taken into consideration due to a desire shared with Palomar and Vision, Cosa Sara landed at the Rome Film Festival, where it received such a warm and affectionate welcome from move me deeply. Unfortunately, once again this film of mine collides with the pandemic and the cinemas have been closed again.
I am understandably sorry but also proud of having kept the word given to many merchant friends, even for a few hours; however, I am convinced that the time has come for Cosa Sara to see the light and meet its public.
The desire remains strong in me to accompany him to the cinema, as soon as possible, because only when I can personally meet the spectators of the cinemas will I feel that the film has achieved its purpose.

This is instead the declaration of Carlo Degli Esposti, producer of the film through his own Palomar:

What Will It Be by Francesco Bruni is an important film, I am proud to have produced it. It is an important film for the lightness with which it teaches us to treasure the complications of life and transform them into strength. Inside the characters written and directed by Bruni we find ourselves and the world around us.
The cinemas have closed but we do not want to close the path with the public hoping to be able to return very soon, vis a vis!

Finally, these are the words of Massimiliano Orfei, COO of Vision Distribution:

Vision is proud to have produced this beautiful film by Francesco Bruni together with Palomar. Precisely in the dramatic moment we are all experiencing, What will be reminds us, with a slight smile, that the difficulties we encounter, even the hardest ones to accept, can and must be a source of awareness of how precious life is.
We are obviously sorry not to be able to continue the path in theaters that we had just started, but we will ensure that in the next few days the film can reach the audience at home and collect the success it deserves, waiting to be able to return to be seen in its place of choice, the big screen of cinemas.


What will be sees protagonist Kim Rossi Stuart, alongside which they act Lorenza Indovina, Barbara Ronchi, Giuseppe Pambieri, Raffaella Lebboroni, Fotinì Peluso, Tancredi Galli and Nicola Nocella. This is his official synopsis:

Bruno Salvati’s life is at a standstill. His films have never been successful and his producer struggles to put together the next project. His wife Anna, from whom he recently separated, already seems to have someone else next to him. And for his children Adele and Tito, Bruno is unable to be the present and reliable father he would like.
One day Bruno discovers that he has a form of leukemia. He immediately relies on a competent and tenacious hematologist, who accompanies him in what will be a real obstacle course towards recovery. The first goal is to find a compatible stem cell donor: after a few failed attempts, Bruno begins to be seriously afraid, What will become of him?
His father Umberto, by revealing a secret from his past, lights up a new hope in everyone.
Bruno and his family embark on an unexpected path of rebirth, which will change their relationships and teach Bruno to raise his eyes for himself and to look at others.


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