The long waits and the endless lines to complete administrative procedures have their days numbered. Pre-appointment systems allow you to avoid waiting for your shift to be attended and the improvements in the electronic and virtual offices of the different administrations allow to complete simple procedures from the comfort of home, only with the mobile phone or the computer.

The DGT’s ‘online’ headquarters has already registered the payment of more than one million fines

The General Directorate of Traffic is not far behind and both in its electronic headquarters and in its smartphone application it has a wide catalog of administrative procedures that can be completed without having to go to any of the Traffic Headquarters.

But also, Did you know that there are a series of procedures that can be carried out by calling? This service is available on 060 and allows you to consult information and make various changes to the files, some with a prior payment of a fee. In total, these are all the procedures that can be carried out by calling:

  1. Request an appointment. As with the internet, this service is also available by phone.
  2. Pay a fine. Having the file number, the date of notification and a credit card is enough.
  3. Change of address of the driving license.
  4. Change of vehicle address. During the call, the operator will need to verify the identity of the applicant to avoid misunderstandings and at the end the management will send a receipt.
  5. Apply for a duplicate driving license. It will be necessary to pay a fee of 20’40 euros through one of the participating financial entities and fill in form 791 on the DGT website.
  6. Request a duplicate of the electronic record of the ITV. You have to pay a fee of 8’50 euros and the token arrives by ordinary mail.
  7. Request the vehicle status report. It arrives by email under payment of a fee of 8’50 euros.