What to Expect from Disney’s “Disenchanted”

Are you a Disney fan? Then you are in for a treat. On November 24, Disney+ will premiere the long-awaited sequel “Disenchanted.” An all-star cast will star in the movie, including Amy Adams and Ann Harada, James Monroe Iglehart and Idina Menzel. The sequel is highly anticipated. Here are some things you can expect.

The Classic Fairy Tale Gets a New Look

“Disenchanted,” will continue where the original movie ended. Giselle (played in part by Amy Adams), is trying to adjust to the real world after she was banished from her magical kingdom.

She’ll be joined this time by familiar faces including Queen Narissa (played here by Idina Menzel), and Pip (played here by James Monroe Iglehart), her former nemesis who was transformed into a frog by the first movie. There will also be new characters such as Giselle’s best friend Nancy, played by Ann Harada, and Prince Edward, played by Adam Shankman.

There are many musical numbers!

You’re sure to enjoy a musical treat if you love musical numbers. “Disenchanted,” will include a variety of original songs as well as reworked versions classic Disney songs.

The songs that have been confirmed include “That’s How You Know,” “Ever Ever After,” and “So Close.” There will also be many cameos by popular musicians like Meghan Trainor or Billy Eichner.

A Whole New World

“Disenchanted,” although it will continue where the first film left off, is not a copy of the original. Adam Shankman, director of “Disenchanted,” said that the sequel will be more modern than the original.

Entertainment Weekly reported that the sequel takes place 10 years later, and Giselle has three children now. “It’s about her adjustment to life and how it affects her relationship [with Robert Adams, Amy Adams’ husband].

Disney fans rejoice! The long-awaited sequel of “Enchanted”, is nearly here. Disney+ will premiere “Disenchanted,” a sequel to “Enchanted”, on November 24, featuring an all-star cast, original music, and cameos by popular musicians.

Director Adam Shankman promises that the sequel will be more modern than the original. Get ready to have a lot of fun with music!

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