Ludovic Orban has been the Prime Minister of Romania since November 4, 2019. He did not speak publicly about the income he had over the years, but he revealed everything through the declaration of fortune. It is known that in 2018 he had a monthly income of 3,083 lei. He said that you cannot make a fortune from the salary obtained from a public office:

“The wealth declaration says everything about my career in public life, about my honor, about the fact that I have never agreed to earn income that does not belong to me. Over the last 30 years, more than half I have held public office “From the allowances you receive from public office. You can’t get rich. At most, you can have a decent life. I’m a very modest man. I have no inclination to live on my feet. So is my family.” “I don’t think that’s the problem, but how fair a man is. It must not be understood that I am the poorest prime minister, but the most honest and just,” he told Digi 24. Here that since he became prime minister, his salary has risen considerably.

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