maybe the maintenance of a bicycle is not so complex or expensive like that of a car, but it is equally necessary if you want to extend the life of the vehicle and that it is also safe when used. A fundamental point for the bike to work properly and go smoothly is that it is greased in its right measure.

If you decide to bet on the bike, remember to signal all your movements

Properly lubricating and greasing the mechanical parts of the bicycle will prevent the pieces rust, it will stop its wear and tear and will also make driving more comfortable and safer.

It is recommended that bike maintenance be done periodically in a specialized establishment in cycles and two-wheelers of this type, although lubricating these components is so simple that it can sometimes be done at home.


It is one of the parties most fundamental of the bicycle. The most advisable thing is to clean and lubricate it before each outing if its use is sporting, although it will depend on whether it is a vehicle for urban transport.

Image of a group of cyclists on the road.
This is how you should pass cyclists on the road so as not to endanger them

The broadcast

In addition to the chain, all transmission components They must be perfectly greased for them to work. We refer to the cassette of the sprockets, the chainrings and the gears, which will have to be cleaned properly first.


In the area of ​​the thread it is necessary apply lubricant every month or month and a half, to ensure they rotate properly and do not snag. It also helps to avoid constant squeaks when using the bike.

Mountain bike.
It does not matter if you travel by bike or scooter, the heat also affects your VMP

Connecting rods

Perhaps they are not in mind because they are hardly seen but it is important to keep them well lubricated. To disassemble them, it is necessary to loosen some screws and so you will get the most out of each pedal stroke.


Although it goes unnoticed, it is also necessary to clean it. To access it, simply loosen with a few screws and apply a small amount of lubricant. Taking care of this part will make the turns of the bike lighter and smoother.