Watch the video for Marcus Rashford’s handsome solo paint. The Premier League can be viewed on V Sport channels and Viaplays.

Manchestr United was in trouble as a guest of Brighton, but so only the red shirts grabbed the full three league points of their trip with a 3-2 win.

V Sports expert Mika Kottila considered United’s victory to be an “all-time murder” – and no wonder.

Brighton was a much better team on the field. It fired as many as 18 times. In addition to two goals, the team bombed the ball five times into the goal trees. Leandro Trossard rattled the tubes three times.

According to Kottila, a clear rank was also taken from Brighton.

ManU, on the other hand, fired just three times per goal in the game. The first visitor hits were recorded Lewis Dunk as your own goal. The second goal, in turn, bounced in from the same gentleman’s accordion, though Marcus Rashford got a hit in his name at the end of a handsome solo.

However, United’s winning goal was the most confusing case of all.

The referee of the match Chris Kavanagh whistled for the game to end, but after that ManU still got a more penalty time with extra time after the VAR check. The ball had hit Neal Maupayn on.

Behind the ball stepped a blind match played Bruno Fernandes, which immersed the leather ball firmly in the mountain: 3–2. Despite the poor performance, Fernandes collected a power of 1 + 2.

Something about the fairness of the end result is that even United’s manager says Ole Gunnar Solskjær did not hesitate to fan the victory as Kavanagh whistled to end the game over.

Brighton’s goal attempts corrected by a notch upwards at 17.04.