– This was quite a lesson for us.

This is how the owl whip commented Markku Kanerva at Wednesday night’s press conference.

– I expected more from our team, he continued.

– Of course I am very disappointed with the outcome.

Poland painted 5-1 numbers on the board of the Gdańsk Energa Stadium. Points were not shared, but that doesn’t diminish the dullness of the spanking.

– We didn’t do well in the duel, and the Polish goals were well done, Kanerva said.

– This is really the difference between the Polish players and our players.

Poland is in 20th place in the Fifa rankings, Finland in 56th place. Poland plays in the A-series of the League of Nations, Finland in the B-series.

– Poles play in tough teams. I wish my players were on the same level.

Polish goal scorers Kamil Grosicki plays in the Premier League (West Bromwich), Arkadiusz Milik Serie A: ssa (Napoli) ja Krzysztof Piatek In the Bundesliga (Hertha).

Grosicki painted the hat in just over half an hour.

– Mr. Grosicki was very effective today, Kanerva snorted.

– These three goals were a strong indication of his current condition.

Bayern Munich superstar Robert Lewandowski did not play against Finland.

Pukki loose?

Finland did not perform with its best crew in the evening in Gdansk. Teemu Pukki and Jasse Tuominen suffer from leg injuries. Tim Sparv was away for a personal reason. Lassi Lappalainen and Robin Lodilla was MLS busy.

Of the five, Pukki and Sparv may be in lineup on Sunday. Finland will host Bulgaria at the Olympic Stadium in the League of Nations match.

– You’ll see quite different-looking Owls on Sunday. Kanerva uttered at V-Sport.

– It is a strong belief that we can do better (than in Poland).

Finland has three points after two rounds of the League of Nations, Bulgaria one. Wales, which has won both matches, is at the top of the block.

Ranked 60th

Bulgaria was tough in the 1990s. Hristo Stoichkovin and Emil Kostadinovin led by the crowd marched to the bronze medal match at the 1994 World Cup.

In this millennium, Bulgaria has competed in value competitions only once. Taival in the summer 2004 European Championship final was three losses.

Bulgaria has fallen to 60th place in the Fifa rankings and has not been Dimitar Berbatovin after the real lead star. The members of the current team are mainly Bulgarian league players.

On Thursday, Bulgaria dropped out of the European Championship qualifiers after losing in the playoffs at home to Hungary 1-3.

In the League of Nations, Finland will host Bulgaria at 7 pm on Sunday and Ireland at 7 pm on Wednesday. The match for Bulgaria comes live from Jim, the match for Ireland comes from Nelonen.