What is the new feature from Google that helps you in a pandemic?

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You want to travel, but you don’t know if you can, given the restrictions that appear and disappear overnight. Google Maps helps you and to miss now COVID-19 statistics.

Google has already launched a number of COVID-related features in its Maps app, including observing possible transit delays due to outbreaks, relative occupancy of local companies, and tagging the locations of nearby COVID test sites.

On Wednesday, Google announced another new feature that will inform users if new cases of the virus are growing in the area where they want to travel.

The new feature will work for all 220 countries on the planet and will be launched on both iOS and Android this week

Specifically, the company has launched a new feature for Maps, which displays the seven-day average of new COVID cases per 100,000 people. Also note if the infection rate increases or decreases. This feature extracts data from a variety of sources, including Johns Hopkins University, the New York Times, and Wikipedia, which in turn obtain data from global health organizations, national governments, and hospitals in the area.

Also in the current context of the pandemic that has moved practically all online activity, Google has launched another interesting feature that comes to your aid. Thus, Area 120, Google’s internal startup, wants to offer YouTubers and other influencers a platform to host paid online events. Fundo, its new application, allows those people to organize internet meetings such as meet and greet with their fans.

The app gives hosts full control over how much a ticket to such an event costs, allowing them to also offer free tickets if they wish, or even discounts.

The software handles most of the logistics – including ticketing and live streaming – so influencers don’t have to use multiple apps just to get their fans on the same video call. One of its main security features is that only those who bought a ticket for a meeting can attend the event.


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