Kamala Harris continues to make history, becoming the first woman elected vice president of the United States. In fact, the California senator is a true award-winning collector. The Washington Post counted them: seven in total, including the first black woman elected prosecutor by San Francisco (2004-2011), the first female attorney general by California (2011-2017) or the first Indo-American elected in the Senate. A destiny predicted by her mother, Shyamala Gopalan, a well-known researcher in the field of biomedicine: “Kamala, you will probably be doing many things for the first time, make sure you are not the last.”

On Saturday night, Kamala recalled his mother in his first speech as president-elect: “When he arrived from India at the age of 19, he may not have imagined this moment. But he strongly believed in an America where such a moment is possible. So I think of her and the generations of women – women of color, Asians, Latin Americans, Native Americans – who throughout our history have paved the way for this moment, “said Harris, referring to women who they sacrificed themselves for equality, freedom and justice for all, for guaranteeing and defending the right to vote.

She also said that although she is the first woman vice president, she will not be the last. “Because every girl who watched tonight sees that this is a country of possibilities, and for the children of our country, regardless of gender, our country will send a clear message,” Harris said, urging the little ones to have dreams. ambitious.

A speech that aroused a lot of emotion abroad, especially in India, where Kamala has a part of her family. In fact, her name is inspired by her mother’s homeland, meaning “lotus flower” in Sanskrit.