What is the European Super League, the tournament with “American germ” that makes the Champions League tremble

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The format of the championship that plans to bring together the 18 big clubs would have a regular phase of 34 dates and a final to eight in a single venue.

The surprise of the farewell of Josep Maria Bartomeu was the announcement that his board had formalized the registration of Barcelona to play the European Super League, a tournament still in the laboratory but that promises to bring together 18 great clubs in Europe and shoot the income of the participants.

The European Super League (it is not its official name, the name of European Premier) wants to be a competition between the crème de la crème, a free-for-all in a two-round league, similar to the Euroleague basketball. That is, the champion team could have to dispute 38 games, unlike the 13 that the Champions League champion must play.

And it is that, after the regular phase, the eight best teams would qualify for the fight for the title in a final to eight in a venue with a formula that would be very similar to the one used in Lisbon in August in the last Champions League, due to COVID-19, but with club fans leaving a lot of revenue to the organizing city.

In principle, the idea begins as a closed league, with 18 participating teams (perhaps 16), but the will is that over time there will be two promotions and relegations each season, to expand horizons and borders and to leave open a margin of surprise .

The project has progressed stealthily. In fact, the Super League plan is to start just after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, whose end is scheduled for December 18 of that year. Obviously, the tournament collides head-on with the Champions League organized by UEFA, which has already shown its anger. “It’s hard to think of a plot more selfish and egotistical”, Assures the president of European football, Aleksander Ceferin.

In addition to Barça, which has already made its application for registration by accepting the requirements of the Bartomeu board, Real Madrid and Atlético have also been invited to join the supercompetition. France is expected to PSG, Germany has Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund while in Italy they want to tie Juventus, Inter and Milan.

The league that would contribute the most teams would be the English, although you could choose to limit the number of participants in the Premier League To five. With what one of the six majors – Liverpool, City, United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham – would be left out of the first edition.

Interestingly, the germ of this species of Soccer NBA part of the two American owners Liverpool (John W. Henry) and Manchester United (the Glazer family), who have endorsed 5,000 million euros with JP Morgan bank. Hence, Bartomeu announced that the project “will change the club’s income prospects.” Among the duties still to be done is the legal coverage of the tournament, since the referees, for example, depend on the federations of each country and UEFA.

Barcelona has also given the go-ahead for the new format of the Club World Cup, which will debut in June 2022 and will be played every four years. However, the Blaugrana team is not yet qualified for the tournament and will only participate if they win the Champions League this year … or if they prevail in the Europa League.

Special for Clarín.


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