Although vehicles increasingly have more technology and more sophisticated security devices, the tricks to steal a car remain almost the same as always, except for the computer techniques with which on-board computers and keys are hacked.

Cases of car thefts (or attempts) are heard almost weekly and it is best to take extreme precautions to avoid having the car stolen from us. A solution is to try that the vehicle does not sleep on the street, but in a private garage, although there are times when the theft tries to be carried out in the presence of the owner.

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It is the case of thieves who use the can method. ¿Have you heard of him? This method consists of generating a distraction so that the driver gets out of the car or gets distracted and at that moment he can steal the vehicle.

Usually, empty soda cans are used that, hooked to the bottom of the vehicle, make a noise that alarms the driver. He decides to get out of the vehicle to see what happens, creating the perfect opportunity for thieves.

How to avoid it

The theft occurs because the driver, when getting out to check the source of the noise, leaves the door open and the engine running, leaving a clear path for thieves. It is best to get out of the car if you notice any strange behavior in the vehicle, but do so by following minimum security measures.

The first will be stop the engine, a premise with which the traffic regulation regulations are complied with, in addition to making the theft of the vehicle more difficult. And obviously, when getting out of the car you have to close the doors immediately.

With these two gestures the robbery options are limited to thieves who, in general, seek to create a situation where it is easy to take the vehicle. If, on the other hand, they see that it is getting complicated, they will give up their efforts and look for another victim.