Steam is a platform that provides various insights about user trends and tastes.

It is only necessary to observe the way in which Fall Guys Y Among Us remained in the first place of sales of that platform, a reflection of the fever that both independent titles unleashed (the case of Among Us It is peculiar, since it is a game that actually came out in 2018 and that barely managed to steal the spotlight).

And it is there that little by little a recent title has been placed that can be considered the new sensation.

His name is Phasmophobia and can already claim to have unseated Among Us of the first sales position of Steam.

Developed by Kinetic Games and released on September 18, 2020, Phasmophobia is a title of psychological horror which from a first person perspective makes users take on the role of a paranormal investigator.

The particularity is that the proposal is online cooperative, so that between four players they must enter gloomy locations where there are traces of spooky activity.

The game mechanics are based on the inspection of these locations, so that the gathering of evidence to find the spectral entities becomes the axis.

Being a title multiplayer, players can choose to directly investigate the locations or support their team members by monitoring monitors and motion sensors.

The rhythm, the support for virtual reality and the atmosphere that the game generates have made it a sensation in Twitch, where it has already been placed as one of the most viewed titles.

Its popularity is on the rise and, according to information from SteamDB, the game reached a peak of 81,467 players.

For the moment Phasmophobia It is in the early access phase on Steam, that is, it is still being developed and the content may change later, so if you want to live the experience that is being discussed so much, it is recommended that you play it now.

Check out this collection of moments to give you an idea of ​​what the experience:

Phasmophobia has a cost of 150 MXN.