What is Lorem Ipsum: what you use it for and how you generate it in Word or online

Hungarian EU veto: the loop is required, however there could also be a compromise

In per week's time, will probably be one other EU summit: this yr for the final time in precept, but in addition in apply?Even...

US President-elect Joe Biden won’t take away FBI Director Christopher Wray

The Biden group "won't take away the FBI director from workplace, offered Trump doesn't fireplace him," the official mentioned.The Biden marketing campaign didn't reply...

The Spanish authorities is limiting Christmas and New Yr’s reunions to 10 members of the family

The settlement, which is able to apply to Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Yr's Eve and New Yr's Day, is a slight leisure of the...

Italy bans folks’s participation in Christmas Eve service and vacation journey between areas

In latest weeks, Italy has reported extra every day deaths from the brand new coronavirus than every other European nation, and though development has...

The parallel actuality through which Trump gained

The president of the US nonetheless doesn't acknowledge his defeat a month after the elections and fuels a harmful narrative shared by his followers...

Depending on the time you spend in front of a computer, you may have heard of Lorem Ipsum at some point, a set of text that makes your life easier.

Lorem Impsum text is used in many industries as a text meant to be replaced at some point, but which helps you apply formatting rules. This way, you can see what an article or magazine would look like, without the actual content to be published.

You can also see the text in question on various websites to form an opinion on what a future web page would look like in terms of design, using a sample text. Beyond the utility part, Lorem Ipsum is the beginning of a text in an apparent form of Latin, although, on closer inspection, the words in question do not make sense even for a Latin speaker.

A long time ago, when I was working in education, I used Lorem Ipsum to teach Microsoft Word. Being a meaningless text, it helps you focus on its visual processing, formatting, rather than reading it.

Whether you use it or not, Lorem Ipsum is so important that you can generate it with more online applications and services than you think. Even Microsoft Word includes a mechanism through which you can generate dozens or hundreds of lines of seemingly useless and meaningless text.

Just type in a row, without the quotes, the command “= lorem ()” and press enter. You will immediately wake up with three paragraphs of text, with three lines in each of them. For reference, the command in question supports the parameters. You can use = lorem (5,10) to generate five paragraphs that are spread over 10 lines of text. The command works in any version of Microsoft Word.

Most of the time, however, I use an online service to generate tens or hundreds of Lorem Ipsum paragraphs to use in Word, Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw and more. access lipsum.com, choose in the lower right how many paragraphs of text you need and click on Generate Lorem Ipsum. All you have to do is select the generated text and paste it into the desired application.


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