What is known so far about the machete attack near Charlie Hebdo in Paris

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Two people were arrested. One would be the main author, the counterterrorism attorney reported. Two injured are serious.

Again the horror in the vicinity of the former editorial staff of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, when the trial against its authors and collaborators is being held in the new Palace of Justice. This we know so far:

Apparently one or two men armed with a machete, they attacked at least four people on rue Nicolas Appert, where the magazine was located before the massacre in 2015, at 11:45 a.m. A hideous symbol when France seeks to judge 11 collaborators of the terrorists who survived that attack; the protagonists died.

Two injured people are in a state of extreme gravity and one of the attackers fled to the Metro Bastille, according to the first information.

The main perpetrator was detained, according to the anti-terrorist prosecutor Jean Francois Rocard.

It was already known that there was two suspects arrested. One was interrogated in the Place de la Bastille when the police observed him covered in blood, on the steps of the Opera de la Bastille. Was detained in “jail” (in custody) and is being questioned.

This is believed to be the attacker. He would be 19 years old. And it would be Indian origin.

A second suspect has now been detained but other details are unknown. The details of the attack and how many carried out them it’s still confusing.

It is feared that other people in the neighborhood are ready to attack, as happened in 2015. The police are looking for explosives throughout the neighborhood, and it keeps the neighbors locked up in their homes. In fact, a suspicious package that the police is investigating at this time was found in the former Charlie Hebdo newsroom. A drone flies over the area.

Security forces search under parked vehicles in heavily armed train groups.

Next to the Richard Lenori Metro station, meters from the attack, he found a butcher ax.

Two press workers, in charge of production, from the Premier Ligne agency, are the first victims because they smoked a cigarette on the outskirts of what was once the Charlie Hebdo newsroom.

Premier Ligne was the agency that shared the flat with Charlie Hebdo and filmed the attack in 2015.

One of the injured journalists is in serious condition. “We have two injured people, one of them very serious. A man and a woman, who are employees of this company. They were attacked by a man outside the offices of the former Charlie Hebdo. It was extremely fast. He did not enter the building. They saw only one person. I cannot speak because there is a police device around our office, ”said Paul Moreira, the editor-in-chief of Premier Ligne, who is on the second floor of the building and in front of the door of the Charlie Hebdo newsroom.

The army was the first to arrive at the place, 100 meters from the Place de la Bastille, with a lot of traffic at that time. The entire area was closed with security forces and military forces, and the press cannot enter due to fear of suspicious packages.

The sirens deafen the area and the secret police cars move, with groups of patrols that search businesses and force them to close, after checking that there is no one hiding in the place.

The Vigipirate device, which was installed after the terrorist attacks of 2015, is in effect in Paris, at a time when the city is on high alert for fear of a terrorist attack due to the Charlie Hebdo trial.


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