What is EasyShop’s USB 3.1 Type C Female to USB 3.0 Male Adapter Connector? Find out how it converts USB3.1 Type-c!

Product Description: EASYSHOP USB Type C Adapter

The EASYSHOP USB Type C Adapter is a must-have accessory for anyone with a mobile device that supports USB type C. This adapter allows you to easily connect all your USB 3.0 devices to your mobile device. The sleek and stylish design of this adapter makes it easy to carry around with you wherever you go.

Key Features:

  • Converts USB 3.1 Type C female port to USB 3.0 male port
  • Sleek and lightweight design
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Provides high-speed data transfer of up to 5Gbps
  • Plug-and-play design for easy use
  • Durable construction to withstand daily wear and tear
  • Silver color for a stylish look

If you’re looking for a high-quality USB-A to USB-C adapter, then look no further than this product. With its sleek and stylish design, it can be used with any laptop or tablet that has a USB-A port. Here are some of its top features explained in detail:

1. Compatibility: This adapter is compatible with any laptop or tablet with a USB-A port. It lets you connect standard USB Type-C cables to USB-A port devices, making it highly versatile and convenient.

2. Charging: While this USB-C to USB adapter can charge phones and tablets, it cannot charge a laptop. It’s important to note this before making a purchase.

3. Portability: This USB-C to USB adapter is lightweight and travel-ready. You can store it securely in your backpack, purse, pocket, briefcase, desk drawer, or anywhere else you desire.

4. Superfast transmission: With a theoretical max transmission speed of 10Gbps, this adapter offers lightning-fast data synchronization, charging, and transmission speeds. However, the actual speed also depends on the output and input device and cable.

5. Widely compatible: This adapter is compatible with a range of devices, including laptops, power banks, chargers, and more devices with standard USB-A ports. It will NOT transmit HDMI, VGA, or any other types of video signal.

6. Compact and delicate: This super tiny adapter is gathered with Zinc alloy metallic minimalist and delicate non-slip embossment. It features a space grey color and no-logo pattern that won’t distract you from your workflow.

7. Reversible USB3.0 transfer speed: This adapter supports double-sided USB 3.0 5GB/s super speed data transfer that plug in either way up.

8. Easy to use: This adapter is easy to use, just plug and play, no driver required. Plus, it’s small enough to leave it in the USB port without plugging out on the way.

9. Superior durability: Made of premium aluminum alloy housing with specular precision process, this adapter is highly durable and can be plugged in and out again and again. Tested and inspected to meet USB standards, it features a built-in 56KΩ pull-up resistor that protects your devices from damage.

In summary, this USB-A to USB-C adapter offers excellent functionality, practicality, and durability, making it a great investment for anyone in need of a high-quality adapter. It’s travel-ready, lightweight, and offers fast transmission and charging speeds. Plus, its wide compatibility means you can use it with a range of devices, making it highly versatile. So, don’t hesitate to get your hands on this handy little device today!

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