What happens when you take LSD at a certain dose. Surprise effects on the brain

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New research gives additional credibility to rumors that micro-dosing of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) or consuming too little psychedelic to have a trip, but enough to feel the effects, can help you focus better.

In the placebo-controlled study, recently published in the journal European Neuropsychopharmacology, scientists at the Swiss University of Basel and the Dutch University of Maastricht offered volunteers a low dose of LSD or a placebo, and then measured their ability to pay attention and process information as well as supervision provision their.

How the LSD study went

Like most research psychedelic, the study was somewhat small and limited, so any findings should be taken with skepticism. But the research team found clear differences between dosage levels with LSD, identifying the lines from which it starts and stops.

A typical recreational dose of LSD usually starts at about a hundred micrograms. But in this case, the doctors did otherwise.

The study’s 24 volunteers – who reported using psychedelics an average of 2.75 times before the experiment – received either five, ten or 20 micrograms of LSD, and a fourth group was given a placebo. to ensure that any change was caused by the drug itself. There were only six volunteers in each group, so a larger study will be needed to validate its findings, but this is also the first experiment to distinguish the variety of individual responses at each dose level.

At five micrograms, volunteers were able to focus and pay more attention – an effect that reappeared among the group with the highest dose at 20 micrograms – but also reported higher feelings of anxiety. Also, the group with five micrograms felt friendlier, according to the study.

At 10 micrograms, participants began to feel an increased sense of consciousness, according to the study, an effect that was taken in the group of 20 micrograms. Surprisingly, the most significant effects occurred at the dose of 20 micrograms, in which the participants had the most noticeable improvement in mood, but also felt the most confused.

If you are trying to take a microdose, the study does not provide much information about the user’s guide, beyond the suggestion that it may not make sense to take less than five micrograms. However, what the research is doing is setting out a roadmap for other scientists, finding out what effects of LSD occur at what dose, and clarifying how scientists might expect this to happen. in view of their own research.


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