What happens to the PlayStation 5: why you can’t find it anywhere, according to the Sony manager

PlayStation 5 is one of the most impressive launches during the pandemic. Unfortunately, it seems to exist nowhere, becoming a reason for speculation on the internet.

Those who sell PS5s on the internet for 1000 euros, while the console costs 500, are not unconscious. Instead, they rely on the fact that you have nowhere to buy it at the real price, the store price. A momentary study on Amazon sites in every corner of the globe shows that you have nowhere to buy a console and there is no clear promise of returning it to stock.

Because the market situation has become very tense, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment had to offer detailed explanations about the situation of PS5 stocks, and the statements are not optimistic at all. “It simply came to our notice then. Absolutely everything is sold out, “said Jim Ryan, although significant efforts have been made to prevent this from happening.

The information was provided in an interview with the Russian publication Tass. According to Ryan, the problem is not even related to the coronavirus pandemic. Quite simply, the demand was far above expectations. However, the director of Sony was not ignorant of the current global context and insisted that he does not recommend anyone to launch a console in a pandemic.

“I spent the last year making sure we could generate enough interest in the product. Now, I spend a lot more time trying to increase stocks to meet demand, ”said the CEO of SIE.

The biggest problems caused by the pandemic were pre-production, according to Ryan, due to travel restrictions. “We had to prepare all the production by videoconference, from a distance. Just imagine something like that for a precision device like the PlayStation 5. ”, added the director of Sony. Asked if there would be larger stocks if we did not face a pandemic, Ryan said the differences would have been minor. “The people in the production performed miracles,” the official concluded.


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