What happens to the face mask in Romania, after you get vaccinated

In an interview last night, the coordinator of the vaccination campaign in Romania against the new coronavirus answered the hottest questions.

The military doctor Valeriu Gheorghiță is the coordinator of the vaccination campaign in our country. He must define the distribution plan of the new vaccine and know what categories of people will receive the vaccine they receive. At the same time, in his speech at Digi24, he made it clear who would not have the opportunity to get vaccinated.

An important point is the obligation to wear a mask. Since you gain immunity to coronavirus after vaccination, many have been curious if they still have to comply with the current spacing rules imposed by the authorities.

“It simply came to our notice then. Until we reach a level of collective immunization, we must not compromise on compliance with preventive measures. But at some point these measures will be easily, slightly withdrawn when the threshold of collective immunization is reached. At the same time, if we limit ourselves only to prevention, without a vaccination strategy, we will not be able to put an end to this pandemic in a reasonable future “, said the doctor.

Regarding those who will not be able to be vaccinated, until new studies are carried out, young people under 18 are first on the list. No tests with any vaccine against the new coronavirus included people between the ages of 12 and 18. In the same category are patients with serious or terminal chronic diseases, because no one knows who could react to the vaccine.

“Currently, only one company has included people between 12 and 18 years old in studies, so we will certainly not talk about vaccination under 18 years old, at least in the next period, and also in clinical trials people have not been included. who had chronic illnesses that were decompensated in terms of therapy. So patients who have been unstable, I mean a patient with advanced cancer (…). These categories were not included in the clinical trials because, first of all, it was wanted to include the categories of people who did not have chronic diseases by several age categories, to which they were added later, having a safety profile already behind them. oriented, categories of people with chronic diseases were added “, added Valeriu Gheorghiţă.

The vaccine against the new Covid-19 coronavirus could arrive in Romania, “in the happiest case”, towards the end of December.


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