What happened to the life of Pam Dawber, the Mork and Mindy actress who denounced the groping of Robin Williams

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He is 68 years old and has a very low profile. In 2018 it was on everyone’s lips again for a confession.

She was one of the most famous girls on TV between the seventies and eighties. Protagonist of Mork y Mindy, the American comedy broadcast between 1978 and 1982 and repeated ad nauseam, Pam Dawber was the woman who lived with an alien long before Alf. His duo, the flesh and blood alien, was Robin Williams.

The famous fiction showed Mork (Williams), landed from the planet Ork, who meets a young college student named Mindy (Dawber). She gives him accommodation in her apartment and he is learning about human behavior.

Born in Michigan on October 18, 1951, Pam started her career after a friend traveling to New York asked her to join her. Thus, they saw her beauty and offered to model her. She was hired right away and began to be a recurring face in magazine ads and television commercials. Dawber’s vocation was another, acting.

His first acting role was in a musical comedy called Sweet Adeline, in Connecticut. With that endorsement, she auditioned for a leading role in a new television series, but to her disappointment, Pam did not get the role: luck was another, a role in Robert Altman’s film A wedding day (1978). Shortly after, he signed an exclusive contract with the ABC network.

The ABC authorities chose her as the female lead of Mork y Mindy. Between 1986 and 1988 he was part of another popular series in his country, My sister Sam, with Jenny O’Hara, Joel Brooks and cast.

While he never stopped working, his appearances became increasingly spaced and on Class B products, usually TV movies.

Today she is 68 years old, loves cooking, horse riding and swimming, avoids social networks and is the mother of two, Sean Thomas Harmon and Ty Christian Harmon. Married since 1987 to American actor Mark Harmon, she hardly gives interviews. She was last seen on the small screen in 2016, in the series The Odd Couple.

In 1987 Pam and her husband Harmon sued his sister, Kristin Harmon, for custody of Kristin’s youngest son, Sam. In court, they accused her of being an “untrained” mother for being a drug addict. Substance dependence, they argued, prompted their nephew Sam Nelson to call them for help.

Two years ago, her statements traveled the world: she confessed that Williams groped her on the set of Mork & Mindy.

In a Williams biographical book written by journalist Dave Itzkoff, Pam said that Williams used to touch her breasts and tail.

As reported by the magazine People As a scoop, Dawber explained that his former partner was “a very nice person, with a gigantic heart.” He added: “I really loved Robin and Robin really loved me. We were able to click from the start. He did the rudest things to me, and I was never offended. I mean he showed himself, grabbed me, pinched me, touched me … I think he probably did it to a lot of other people, but it was fun for me. “

The controversial statements angered not only part of the Williams clan, but also actresses who make up the movements to make visible harassment, abuse and other inappropriate behavior by colleagues.

“Somehow he had that magic. Anyone could be horrified, but somehow he had that innocent little thing, those sparkling eyes. He was looking at you, very playful, like a puppy suddenly. And then he would grab my tits and run away. Somehow he could get away with it, “added the actress.

The producer of Mork & Mindy Howard Storm was also interviewed for the book, and had a similar memory that was made public in 2018: “He could be saying his part of the script and all of a sudden he just turned around and grabbed Pam’s ass.. Or grabbed her breast. And the scene had to start again. Robin was Robin, and he thought it was fun and that he could always get away with it. “

After the worldwide repercussion of such words, the actress wanted to “alleviate” her testimony, ensuring that she did not consider the behavior of her partner as “sexual harassment”: “It was the ’70s after all,” she defended. “I considered myself the older sister he never had. There was nothing lewd in his actions, or in his mind, it was just Robin being Robin.”

Williams suffered from Parkinson’s and was found dead in 2014, at his home near Paradise Cay, California, in what was a suicide by suffocation. Robin’s son paid tribute to him a few days ago, especially choosing the date of his wedding: he married on Mental Health Day (October 12) to raise awareness about the issue.


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