what happened to Rollergirl?

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Heather Graham was the sexy icon of the late 90s and first a lynchana creature, then we hardly heard of her again. How was your professional life?

The first character that comes to mind when we think of the delightful blonde with the doe eyes Heather Graham is Rollergirl of Boogie Nights, aka the girl who never, really never took off her skates. In that student in search of her own identity was one of the sexy sides of the magnificent film by Paul Thomas Anderson with protagonist Mark Wahlberg. Who Mark Wahlberg became a star thanks to the role of the king of porn Dirk Diggler. Wikipedia informs us that the Graham it gained international attention with Boogie Nights, but actually in the curriculum ofamerican girl of Irish origins born in 1970 there had already been so much more, to be exact 21 films and a fabulous TV series, or rather a TV series, as it was said at the time, and the time was 1991.

Heather Graham: early career

After appearing in a series of commercials, in a sitcom episode and in the movie Winter escape, Heather Graham wins her first significant film role in the teen-comedy Driving license, in which it is the love interest of the protagonist, who would like so much to get his license. The actress plays a very small part in it Twins (with Arnold Schwarzenegger e Danny DeVito) and it is in 1989, and therefore not at the time of Boogie Nights, who really begins to make his mark, not only for his pretty face, but for a certain skill in the complex art of acting. The gifted director Gus Van Sant entrusts her a part in Drugstore Cowboy: that of the inexperienced and somewhat naive addict Nadine, which together with Matt Dillon, Kelly Lynch e James LeGros he likes drugs and steals in hospitals and pharmacies. It has a bad end Nadine, but thanks to her there Graham gets nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the Independent Spirit Awards. Small parts follow in I will love you … until I kill you e Shout.

Heather Graham e Twin Peaks

In 1991 Heather Graham is lucky enough to star in perhaps the most famous show of the early 90s, the one that kept us all glued to the small screen and pushed us to go to the bookstore to buy “Laura Palmer’s Secret Diary”. Let’s talk about Twin Peaks, of course, the immense and disturbing series of David Lynch. In the last 6 episodes of the second season the Graham is Annie Blackburn, the half-sister of Norma Jennings who just left the convent before becoming a nun. Dale Cooper he falls in love with her, reciprocated, and tries to save her from the Black Lodge where she was taken. The actress reprises her role in the film, also by Lynch, Fire walks with me, where he appears in a premonitory dream a Laura Palmer telling her: “My name is Annie and I’ve been with Laura e Dale. The good Dale he is in the Lodge and cannot leave it. Write it in your diary. “In the book “Twin Peaks: he final record” we learn that Annie she plunged into a catatonic state after leaving the Lodge and that every year, at 8:38 that same day, she wakes up to say only: “I’m fine” and then returns catatonic.

what happened to Rollergirl?

Heather Graham, the success and the escaped porn

After Twin Peaks e Fire walks with me, Heather Graham she continues to appear in mainstream films, but no role entrusted to her is particularly significant. It is therefore true that Boogie Nights he brings her back to the crest of the wave, and so the twentieth century ends for her on a grand scale. After a role in Lost in Space, here is our ethereal actress rising again to sex symbol thanks to a “scamuffo” secret agent: Austin Powers. In Austin Powers – The Spy Who Tried, Mike Meyers entrusts her with the part of the “power girl” Felicity Ladà, lively, curly and above all peperina, since she arranges for the holidays Ciccio Bastardo. You must know that the spy movie starring Austin Powers saved the Graham from a soft-porn in which the actress was about to act, since no one had offered her work for a long time. It seems that after concluding the experience with the comedy of Jay Roach, the Graham bought a copy of the red-light film in question, perhaps to remember not to commit a similar error of judgment anymore. Austin Powers – The Spy Who Tried usher in a very fortunate period for Heather, who is often the protagonist or co-star of successful or otherwise enjoyable films: Bowfinger, The sidewalks of New York, From Hell – The true story of Jack the Ripper, Killing me Softly. Then … here comes … the flood.

what happened to Rollergirl?

Heather Graham and The Hangover

When, back in 2009, we were lucky enough to go to London to interview the cast of Hangover, there was also Heather Graham. We had forgotten about her a little, and found her in the role of a married stripper in a nutshell at the dentist Stu made us immense pleasure. It wasn’t an overly robust part but the actress did hers. Unfortunately for her, the third film in the saga (Hangover 3), which he saw again grappling with Bradley Cooper & Co. and which came out in 2013, turned out to be a fiasco. It has since been that Heather seems to have disappeared. But is it really gone? Not exactly.

what happened to Rollergirl?

Heather Graham directed a movie and became a voice actress

In the period of time that goes from Hangover 3 till today, Heather Graham he continued to make films. He starred in the indie thriller Compulsion, in which he duet with Carrie-Ann Moss. Few remember it, starting with us. Then there was Horns, with Daniel Radcliffand with goat horns, and finally a mini part in the comedy Very bad behaviors. Epper, hear hear, Miss Graham she became a director, which she loved very much. He directed and performed Half Magic, a “semi-autobiographical sex-comedy”, as she calls it, in other words the story of a group of women rediscovering their place in the world and their sexuality. Heatherfinally, she devoted herself to dubbing, for example, of an animated film starring a polar bear entitled Norm’s journey.

Heather Graham philanthropist and activist

Since he has made several blockbuster or cassette films, Heather Graham has put aside, over time, a nice nest egg. This allowed her to become a philanthropist. It supports the nonprofit Children Internationals, which helps poor children, and the Cambodian Children’s Fund, which cares for Cambodian children and provides their education. Finally, the actress lent her support to the Global Cool environmental campaign, appearing alongside Sienna Miller in the short of Shekhar kapur Global Cool.


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