Operation Triumph 2017 changed the lives of all contestants in the format and also for many followers of the program. Galicia was one of the communities that contributed the most artists to the musical contest together with Catalonia or Andalusia.

The Galicians Luis Cepeda, his great friend from the edition, Roi Méndez, and the third finalist, Miriam Rodríguez, managed to enter the most famous television academy. The original jokes and scares that Roi Méndez dedicated to some of his colleagues, especially Amaia, they made the young man become one of the most beloved participants.

During his time at the Academy, the triumph left several very remarkable performances such as Heaven, OK The When I Was Your Man. In the same way, his acoustic version with Amaia of the famous Ed Sheeran song, Shape Of You, with scare included for the Navarrese in the ‘OT fiesta’, a special gala in which the most popular versions of the program were reinterpreted, earned him the applause of the public and jury.

Méndez was expelled from the Academy in favor of Ana Guerra but, far from surrendering, the singer he managed to continue fighting for his dream to continue making a living as a musician.

Although the one from Santiago de Compostela was a member of a famous Galician orchestra, after his departure started his way alone. In June 2018 released his first single For one more time, song he performed with others on the tour of OT and that has more than 5 million views on YouTube.

Contacted by their acting teachers at the Academy, the Javises got Roi Méndez to do a cameo in the series Paquita Salas. At the beginning of September 2018, the guitarist became part of the collaborators of Vodafone Yu and, in March 2019, his second single, Feathers.

The song, very different from the one previously published, had luxury guests for a video clip in which the influence Marta Riumbau and Roberto Leal, presenter of the first edition of the renewed Triumph operation. Feathers It was well received, reaching 2 million views on YouTube.

In that same month of March, his debut album My logical disorderwith their corresponding record companies in various cities and a tour that took the Galician through various parts of the Spanish geography until December 2019.

At the beginning of the same month, Méndez fulfilled one of his dreams, collaborating with Andrés Suarez. “About a year ago Andrés Suarez and I got together to make this song. For me, having the opportunity to learn from one of the best is priceless. You don’t know how exciting it is for me to share this version with him “, He said triumph on their social media shortly before a new version of I will leave you see the light.

Months later and in full disarray due to Covid-19, the musician released his third song Paper Planes with the pop group Sinsinati which was one of the most talked about of the summer reaching the top 50 viral Spotify as he himself celebrated on Twitter.

This Friday, the Galician has launched I never, his collaboration with the indie group Veintiuno. He extriunfitogenerated a wide controversy last Sunday on Twitter for one of his tweets: “I would never collaborate with an indie artist” wrote Roi Méndez. Some Sidekick artists and many tweeters, divided between those who thought he was serious and those who didn’t, wrote multiple messages in response to Galician.

Already on Monday, Méndez shared a video with the humor that characterizes him together with the vocalist of Veintiuno, which made it confirmed that it was a strategy of marketing for your next collaboration, which would come out this Friday, October 2.

For the moment, the artist does not plan to release a new album in the short term and will focus on the singlesWhat is more than clear is that the humor that characterizes him will accompany him in everything that the young man decides to do.