Ricky Merino was one of the contestants on Operation Triumph 2017 what did he achieve go through the contest obtaining some recognition, thanks to the Gestmusic format. However, his ties to television occurred long before he entered the talent musical.

The young man studied Audiovisual Communication and, far from distancing himself from what he had studied, He knew how to combine both facets with great success. After entering the academy of Triumph operation With a performance with which he managed to surprise the jury of the program, the singer remained in it for several weeks.

Expelled by the minimum in gala 6, the artist he did not manage to overcome the strong pull that his partner Luis Cepeda was dragging, that was saved with 53% of the votes. Despite this, Merino went through the big door demonstrating once again how good showman which is with a very good interpretation of Let Me Entertain You.

After leaving the academy and joining Universal Music, the young man acts as conductor in the concerts of the tour OT and later he gives solo concerts in various cities. Shortly before the end of the contest tour, Merino releases her first single Lie to Me, that was very well received and in whose video clip known faces appear, such as his partner Nerea Rodríguez or Raoul Vázquez.

Meanwhile, the showman He became part of the Play Z team of RTVE, where he did several jobs as a coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, where he accompanied his former colleagues Amaia and Alfred on their Eurovision adventure.

He also achieved gain a foothold in Operation Triumph 2018 where did you start presenting The chat of OT together with Noemí Galera, a task that he already assumed alone in Operation Triumph 2020.

In 2019 he managed to chain various television projects such as becoming a contributor to Zapping, or some interventions in programs such as Your face is familiar to me, where she made a spectacular performance of Lola Indigo, or The best song ever sung, format presented as OT by Roberto Leal.

During this same year, Merino He continued giving concerts in different halls of the country where he presents some of his songs as My way, which would be his second single. One year after the launch of Lie to Me, coat a maxisingle of this with several versions of it, including one in English.

At the beginning of 2020, it 3Tour with his colleagues Raoul Vázquez and Nerea Rodríguez and in February he presented his third single Perfect. At the same time, Merino was hired by Netflix to undertake a new project as host of the format To sing!.

In summer, the Mallorcan joined several artists to version the theme Think positive of Fangoria on the occasion of the MADO and some time later he launched Beast with Danny Romero. The presenter he has dared with almost everything and covering a classic was not going to be an exception, so in September he published his version of Smalltown Boy.

Last week, the interpreter revealed an expected news for his followers. “This week announced the date of the new single, a song about respect and freedom accompanied by someone very special. Thank you Universal Spain for continuing to trust me, “wrote Merino.

A few days later revealed the identity of the protagonist of his new collaboration. Neither more nor less than Conchita Wurst, winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 and an international star.

Already on Wednesday Merino shared in his networks that finally the topic would be published this Friday, November 13. Is about a remix of the song that the artist already released in September and it has a video clip in which we can see both performers. Surely this new adventure helps Ricky Merino to strengthen his followers and obtain greater recognition.