Nerea Rodríguez was one of the contestants who greater vocal power had in Operation Triumph 2017. His sweetness and innocence managed to conquer the jury of the contest and many of the viewers.

But nevertheless, The steps of the Catalan in the world of music began when it was very young and, as he grew older, he introduced himself to different talents musicals.

After not being chosen by any of the coaches from The voice Kids, Rodríguez tried his luck years later in the highly anticipated returns of Triumph operation. In the Gestmusic format, the 18-year-old managed to dazzle everyone with her interpretation of What is beyond of from disney movieVaiana.

Leaving great performances in his wake through the contest as his interpretation of Symphony next to Agoney, All the flowers of alleged implicated or Stay with me, with the presence of Pastora Soler herself from the set, Nerea managed to reach the gala 9 where she became nominee of the week for the first time.

Despite a spectacular performance of the song Listen Beyoncé, the audience narrowly opted for Agoney, who was chosen to continue her training at the academy. Upon leaving the academy, the singer began working on new projects and became the star of The call, directed by Los Javis, acting teachers at OT, which currently continues to perform at the Lara Theater in Madrid.

Later he started the tour OT all over the country and, at the end of this, he presented his first single, the topic And not now which was well received by the public and currently has more than three million views on YouTube.

At the end of 2018, the young woman participated in the traditional RTVE Christmas programTelepassion along with some of his colleagues from the academy and his presenter, Roberto Leal. During the new year, the ex-triumph participated as a dubbing actress in UglyDolls: Extraordinarily Ugly, an experience that he repeated some time later in Playmobil: The Movie.

With the arrival of the new year, the Catalan performs a series of solo concerts in various Spanish cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Seville, among others. In turn, she was able to combine her role in The call with Jasmine in the musical Aladdin in Barcelona. Already at Christmas, Rodríguez published an EP with the name December in which some of the songs he had performed on his tour appeared solo, as well as some famous Christmas carol.

Following in the footsteps of his former partner Lola Indigo, the artist embarked at the beginning of 2020 in the eighth season of Your face is familiar to me. In it he managed to shine with his own light thanks to some imitations such as his version of Miss by Camila Cabello, a performance she shared with Raoul Vázquez in the role of Shawn Mendes.

Together with Ricky Merino and Raoul Vázquez, the Catalan undertook a short spin #3Tour that passed through four big cities and that it came to an end in the capital where they hung the sign of no tickets.

The coronavirus caused many of the plans that Nerea Rodríguez had in hand to be forcibly stopped due to confinement. However, little by little, With the new normality the waters returned to their course and this Sunday we will see the ex-triumphant again in Your face is familiar to me. Will the singer become the winner of the talent of Gestmusic?