Miriam Rodríguez was one of the great fighters of FROM 2017Despite the calls for attention from the jury of the contest due to his lack of expressiveness, Rodríguez managed to overcome and show that, today, he is one of the most sensitive artists of our country.

Praised on many occasions by colleagues from the world of music like Pablo López, with whom he shares a collaboration, Puentedeume’s has achieved settle a legion of followers that grows every day.

The ex-triumph entered the most famous academy on television, and as the contest progressed, she managed to show that he was not a cold person but very serious when working. With his effort he managed to carve out a niche in the final, leaving great performances as he passed through the contest What about us the Pink o Invisible from Malú.

Such was its evolution in the Gestmusic format, that the Galician she managed to go directly to the final thanks to the score given by the jury placing her in second position of the table with a 9 and being only behindAmaia Romero, winner of the edition, and ahead of Aitana Ocaña, second classified.

In one of the closest final of the last editions, Miriam Rodríguez gave the surprise and managed to sneak into the podium of the contest occupying the third position. The singer herself was more than surprised to be a finalist, when Roberto Leal announced that Alfred García was the fourth classified.

After leaving the contest, Miriam started working and accepted the challenge of writing a tribute song for the series Vis a vis. The launch came just three months after leaving the academy and was part of the promotion of the third season of the series, that he would have Rodríguez for a cameo in his fourth installment.

There is something in me what currently has more than 13 million views on YouTube, obtained a very good reception among the followers of the Galician. Later, in October, Miriam Rodríguez joined Pablo López to present No!, theme that they performed together in Operation Triumph 2018.

November 23, 2018 arrived Scars, the young woman’s first studio album which was widely applauded. The album, composed entirely by her, has 13 songs including the first single and the collaboration with López, and that shortly after he managed to rise with the gold disc rating.

Later came a very extensive first tour of TourWith you that began and ended in the same place, his land, Galicia. This took him to different parts of the country and in it he managed to record his power on stage and his great live performance.

The artist, like her fellow editor Roi Méndez, did not hesitate to write two songs with Andrés Suárez. In August 2019 he made public The difference Y More than you see that he had already performed during the tour but that were not on his debut album.

‘La leona’, as she is called by her followers due to her powerful strength on stage and her beautiful mane, has participated in several television shows. Among them, in 2019 became Pablo López’s advisor in The voice. Being already in the present edition named as the fifth coach of the talent in ‘The Return’ on the A3player platform.

At the end of the year, the former contestant from Operation Triumph 2017anticipated the release of his second album study, as well as the first dates of the concerts that later had to be postponed or suspended.

To promote the album, Rodríguez decided to bet on the single Woke up which was released on February 21 who would follow in March I do not know who I am. Already in the middle of confinementThe young woman presented her second album on April 4, The direction of your luck.

The third single came in July and was Do not come back, which featured comedian Dani Martínez for its video clip. Although the artist had announced several concert dates on the occasion of the new album, these had to be finally postponed until the beginning of 2021.

Almost half a year later On October 16, the singer finally released the new album in physical format and his record company announced the first signatures of this in several cities of the country.

Although the circumstances do not accompany and still have to wait until you can safely enjoy the Miriam Rodríguez live show, It seems indisputable that the professional future of the lioness is more than promising.