The return of Triumph operation to the public chain supposed a boom audiences That increased thanks to the multiple interactions that the format unleashed on social networks. The issuance of talent, Both through his galas and through the great following that the 24-hour YouTube channel unleashed, he got the public to accompany these young people in their musical evolution week after week.

The 16 contestants from Operation Triumph 2017 they got dazzle the public with their innocence and naturalness. Now, three years after the start of the musical contest broadcasts, you can see how the careers have developed musicals of each of them.

Mireya Bravo was one of the singers who dazzled the public with her voice and great sensitivity when interpreting the songs that were proposed to her from the academy. After being nominated for the second consecutive week, the malagueña became the sixth expelled from the contest. The Andalusian faced Luis Cepeda, who managed to win with a 53% of the public’s votes and continue his learning in the academy.

With a great interpretation of the Malú themeNot a step back, that of Alhaurín de la Torre said goodbye to the contest and from his colleagues to bump into the fan phenomenon which was already in the making at that time. Bravo knew how to take advantage of the pull that the program had given him and released the single Heart sold, which was the letter of introduction to his first album, Your reflection.

With Pep´s Music Group as a record company, the Andalusian he managed to get a good reception in his first job reaching number 2 in sales. The young woman managed to reconcile her agenda at the same time with the extensive tour of the contest that traveled through many parts of the Spanish geography.

Two years after the release of his first album, the past July 3, the singer published her highly anticipated new single When you go. A part time that deals with love and heartbreak and in which Bravo’s vocal gifts are appreciated.

Although it remains far from the 2.5 million views the music video for Heart soldThis new single was highly applauded by its followers and has more than 100,000 views on YouTube.

Throughout the summer, Mireya Bravo gave clues about the new single what would i get and he already confessed that it would be a collaboration with Raoul Vázquez, one of his classmates in the most famous academy on television.

Last Wednesday this epic ballad in which Bravo and Vázquez join their voices and that has been very well received by the public reaching over 70,000 views in a single day.

For the moment Mireya Bravo is not scheduled to release a second album short term. However, the great support he is receiving with his latest work will make him lyoung people continue to fight to stay in the industry musical.

Another of the tricks that Bravo has is the unconditional support of his partner Raoul and his entourage of ‘wolfies’ followers who have been supporting the issue since its publication. Although neither Bravo can complain and it is that he has more than 200,000 followers and Instagram.