Mimi Doblas was part of Operation Triumph 2017 for a short time. But nevertheless, the young woman knew how to differentiate herself and today she is one of the Spanish artists par excellence.

From very young Mimi wanted to dedicate herself to the world of art and was a dancer in different parts of the world. Her talent as a dancer allowed her to share the stage with great international music references. In 2010 went through the talent of dance Fame: Revolution, of Cuatro, where she became the fourth expelled.

However, his big break came when, thanks to his brilliant portrayal of Don´t Cha del grupo The Pussycat Dolls, managed to enter the academy of Operation Triumph 2017. Despite this, the young woman was nominated in Gala 1 for her performance with Ana Guerra on the subject Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing.

Mimi defended her permanence in the contest with a more than correct interpretation of the song Tutor. But this was not enough since did not get the favor of the public, who opted for Juan Antonio, his nomination partner, to continue his training at the academy.

Far from being discouraged, Doblas knew how to play his cards very well and created the girlband Lola Indigo, with whom she released her first single I don’t want anything anymore which quickly became one of the hits of the summer. The single it managed to be triple platinum and accumulates 85 million views on YouTube.

In 2018, the artist became contestant of the seventh edition of Your face is familiar to me, in which it shone in each of the performances he performed. The dancer managed to reach the end of the Gestmusic format, where she had to settle for fourth place.

In December it was released a collaboration with some of his colleagues from the academy for a spot advertising in which the topic was presented, The whole world. That same month he published two more collaborations, on the 14th Eraser together with Juan Magán, Yera and De La Ghetto, and on the 21st his second single, Witch Woman with Mala Rodríguez, who managed to be double platinum.

Far from relying on the success already achieved, the former triumphant began 2019 by launching Strong, song that was the head of Fame, let’s dance! 2019, in which Lola Indigo had the role of advisor and advisor to the program. The one born in Madrid has dared with almost everything and in the month of April of that year put a soundtrack to the film I leave it when I want with Smoke, which would also be included in his first album.

His highly anticipated album was not long in coming and the 17th of May Akelarre It was released with 10 songs in which several collaborations were included with Nabález, Lalo Ebrat or Maikel Delacalle, among others. With this, Lola Indigo has traveled through a large handful of cities to interpret the successes of your cover letter.

The dancer, what is it an advocate for female empowerment, has not stopped launch collaborations after publishing his album. Topics like I stay, together with his colleague from the academy Aitana Ocaña or Lola Bunny With Don Patricio, they have made me very active in the music industry.

So much so that Miriam Doblas’ effort was rewarded in November with his first accolade, an MTV Europe Music Award as artist of the year in Spain, which was later followed by another distinction at the LOS40 Music Awards as revelation artist.

With the impulse received by this recognition of her work, Lola Indigo closed a great year for her musical career by publishing the song Luna. And already in 2020 launched 4 kisses in March, and Bad face In the month of June, songs he performed live on the set of Operation Triumph 2020.

After confinement, already in the middle of summer, the singer opted once again for collaborations. In July collaborated on the remix of Slow with Boro Boro and MamboLosco, that same month also came out Trendy with RVFV and at the end of august Santería with Danna Paola y Denise Rosenthal

The former triumph, who grew up in a town in Granada, has not stopped growing musically and presents a spectacular staging in its shows. Just a few days after submitting Santería, in September he collaborated with Tini and María Becerra on the remix of the song High, which has 60 million views and Youtube.

This Friday Lola Indigo has published his last and highly anticipated collaboration, this time with the Sevillian Beret. How are you doing? It has a luxury video clip in which we can see the actor Miguel Herrán starring in this heartbreak story.

Lola Indigo has an appointment with his followers on November 29 at the Wzink Center in Madrid, we will have to wait to know if this appointment can finally be held or is postponed again due to the current health situation. With or without concert, what is clear is that the singer will continue working as only she knows and supported at all times by his legion of followers.