Agoney Hernández introduced himself to casting of the ninth edition of Triumph operation with the intention to gain a foothold in the Spanish music scene. From a very young age, the one from Tenerife was linked to music, the 6 years began to play the trumpet and later he continued to train in music.

Although the one from Adeje was doing his first steps as a singer in a hotel, his big break came with Operation Triumph 2017 where he left the editing jury speechless with some of his interpretations. his very personal voice They made the man from Tenerife even receive the applause of the singer Mónica Naranjo.

Interpretations like Symphony together with his partner Nerea Rodríguez, Empty hands with Raoul Vázquez or his Eloise by Tino Casal were some of the best performances on the island. His evolution and hard work made him reach the gates of the final of the contest where he faced Ana Guerra who prevailed with a narrow margin to continue in the academy.

Agoney said goodbye to the contest with a spectacular interpretation of Where have you been by Rihanna and a clear statement of intent. The composer left the academy and began his struggle in the world of music.

Although the canary had to face shortly after his departure from the academy to the loss of his mother Due to cancer, the artist did not cease in his desire to continue working in music and this has been demonstrated.

After being part of the tour of OT, that toured great squares of the Spanish geography, The artist announced that on August 31, 2018 he would release his first single. maybe was Agoney’s cover letter and the subject managed to become nnumber one on Itunes within a few hours and currently has almost 5 million views on YouTube.

From October to December the musician started his first solo tour that went through theaters from cities such as Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza or Barcelona. Furthermore, the young collaborated in December in an advertising campaign with some of his colleagues of the academy with the theme The whole world.

After several television appearances on shows like The best song ever sung the composer continued working and in August 2019 he presented his second single Black accompanied by its corresponding music video.

Already in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic due to the crisis generated by Covid-19, the singer joined the #yomequedoencasa concert proposal. And in april announced the release of the single Freedom, that would kick off what would come on his first album.

At the end of May, Agoney made his first foray into electronic music with Brian Cross with your collaboration Strangers. ON June 19 the interpreter of maybe threw the second single from the album, the powerful ballad PLUS which had the applause of his followers.

Once the corresponding promotion of the single, Agoney wrote in his networks the date of publication of the album, August 28. However, days before the debut of the canary, he announced the first record companies and he released Eden, the third single from his work.

The single managed to be placed in number one in sales and in the same way, his album Freedom managed to unseat Anuel AA from number one in sales with his first album according to Promusicae.

For the moment, the dates on which Agoney will visit the different Spanish cities with the tour are unknown corresponding to his debut album due to the uncertainty generated by the coronavirus crisis. However, what seems more than evident is that his impeccable direct and the support of all his followers will make these quotes magical both for the Tenerife and for his followers.