What do we know about Trump’s experimental corona treatment?

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Since US President Donald Trump tested positive for the corona virus earlier this week, he has been undergoing experimental treatment. He is being treated with a cocktail of synthetic antibodies and the Ebola drug remdesivir, among other things. What are these drugs exactly and are these drugs also used in the Netherlands?

Synthetic antibody cocktail

Trump’s doctor Sean Conley left in a Friday statement know that the president will be given a preventative cocktail of synthetic antibodies. In the statement, Conley writes that Trump is receiving experimental treatment from the US pharmaceutical company Regeneron called REGN-COV2. Trump has received at least a dose of 8 grams.

What does the cocktail consist of?

Regeneron’s treatment is a so-called cocktail of two antibodies made in a lab. Antibodies or antibodies are proteins that humans produce in response to foreign substances, such as viruses and bacteria.

One of the antibodies originally comes from mice that have been genetically modified to produce human antibodies, reports CNN. The drug has been produced in cultured cells since June. A second antibody is from a corona patient.

Has the treatment been approved?

The US Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (FDA) has not yet officially approved the experimental therapy, yet the president’s medical staff got approval for it.compassionate useThis means that it is a poignant case. This is probably the case with Trump because he has an important position as president of the United States, which means that there will be major political consequences if he does not recover properly from the corona virus. currently only used for research, not for commercial purposes.

Regeneron is also in talks with the FDA to receive emergency approval, it said CNN.

What is known about the results?

Research into the cocktail began in June. It is currently in phase three testing the safety of a drug on larger groups of people. Scientists call the treatment “promising,” said CNN.

The first preliminary results of a clinical trial involving 275 people would be positive and show that the drug is safe. Patients treated with the experimental therapy had fewer virus particles in their blood after seven days than patients who received a placebo. Complaints would also decrease after use.



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